5 of the Most Loyal Dogs to Warm Your Heart and Home

Everyone has read and heard stories of the most loyal dogs that made history – fact and fiction alike. One of the most popular true stories is of Hachiko, the dog who waited for its owner after work every day, even after he passed away.

There are also fictional stories like Marley and Me, prove that the dog really is man’s best friend. If you’re looking for a loyal companion yourself, here’s a list of breeds to help narrow your choices.

5 of the Most Loyal Dogs to Warm Your Heart and Home

most loyal dogs

  1. The Huge and Hilarious Kuvasz

These huge, dutiful dogs used to serve as watchdogs, but are now kept as kind and silly house pets. The Kuvasz an independent sort of dog with a bit of an obedience problem, but it will probably take care of you more than you take care of it.

The Kuvasz is highly protective of its owner, making it a highly effective guard dog. It also has an excellent sense of humor, and will surely put on a show for you and the kids. It will charm its way into your heart and your family and in turn will protect you from all kinds of trouble.

  1. The Labrador Retriever with a Heart of Gold

These dogs were originally bred to be hunters, retrieving waterfowl for their masters on command. Unlike the Kuvasz, Labradors are highly obedient and easy to train. Once you’ve made them a part of the family, they will treat you with kindness and unending affection, which is why they’re widely known as one of the most loyal dogs.

They’ll be there to protect you through restless nights and to play with you through long days of Frisbee and tug-of-war. These happy and eager-to-please types will infect your home with their playful energy. Always with a dog toy in its snout, a lab will want your attention unlike any other breed.

As retrievers often do, they will always come home to you after the game. It seems every story of a loyal dog on the news is about a lab, and that is for good reason.

  1. The Big Bodyguard Boxer Dog

Another type of hunting dog is the Boxer, which protects its master from all kinds of strong and scary animals. To have one at your side will keep you safe from anyone who tries to come close, making them incredibly protective and effective guard dogs.

This strong and alert creature is a bit wary of strangers, only because it cares so much for its family. If you’re on the lookout for a dog that will offer you endless affection while protecting your home from outsiders, the Boxer won’t disappoint you.

  1. The Strong-Willed St. Bernard

St. Bernards are sturdy creatures with a strong sense of duty to their owners. Originally bred to be a hospital watchdog, it is amazing at carrying and caring for the injured. These dogs are highly geographically intelligent and able to withstand harsh conditions, meaning they will go anywhere and everywhere just to keep you safe.

These rescue dogs are incredibly caring and affectionate toward their families. Having this dog in your home every day brings a sense of security to the family, knowing that it will always have your back in the direst conditions.

  1. The Dutiful and Disciplined German Shepherd

Everyone knows that German Shepherds are amazing bomb dogs. These animals are the most loyal dogs in the world because of their strong sense of purpose and eagerness to please. They are active, perky dogs with keen senses that you can trust.

Apart from the military, these intelligent creatures serve important roles as therapy dogs and seeing-eye dogs, and will give 110% to improve your life simply because that is what they are tasked to do. In the home, they are gentle and kind dogs that will provide you with affection and a sense of security. It would not be an overstatement to call German Shepherds our heroes.

The Most Loyal Dogs are the Best Dogs

Bringing a dog home means taking care of a pet and making a new friend. Anyone will feel a little safer and a little less lonely knowing that the most loyal dogs are eager to give you their all and are waiting for you to come home to them.

These dog breeds are good additions to the family, especially if you aim for privacy and security. Although they may seem frightening, they are loyal and friendly when you have already earned their trust. 

Loyalty means you never need to worry about your friend leaving you, or not protecting you. These are essential qualities for families with small children, single people, and lonely people. You can find the perfect dog for you, but if you want a real friend or companion, or even a dog to keep you company, pick one of these loyal dog breeds. 

I may be biased, but I love labs. A Labrador Retriever is the american quintessential family dog. They love tug-o-war, fetch with tennis balls, lounging on a doggy bed, and just going for a walk.  You can’t go wrong with any breed from our list, but I give labs an A+.