A List of all Dog Breeds

We all want to have a companion in life. Be it a best friend that goes out with you where ever you go, a great spouse that listens to your every rant and helps you through every down fall, or that stuffed toy you just love hugging while you try to fall asleep at night. You can try to throw all of these companion responsibilities onto one person, but don’t expect it to be an amazing happily ever after. But you can also find this great companionship in a small, four legged animal called a dog.


Everyone has their own personality and has their own needs. Each and every dog in the world also has their own personality and own needs but each breed, just like each race of person, has similar personalities. From the Affenpinscher to the Yorkshire terrier, there are hundreds of dog breeds you can choose from between A and Y. Each one of these could be the very thing you are looking for when it comes to companionship.


From A and beyond – A list of all dog breeds



The Affenpinscher leads the group as it comes first when you arrange all the dog breeds alphabetically. This fluffy dog is small and a great for cuddle buddy. They love to run around and play as much as they love to sleep and eat. The Akita, a popular dog breed in Japan falls under the letter “a” as well. With a famous story about Hachiko, a very loyal and loving Akita from Japan came out; this dog has become extremely popular. This medium sized working dog if beautiful and friendly.


Another popular breed would be the Alaskan malamute. This dog is big and fluffy and was made for pulling sleds around. They are overall friendly and love to run around and get exercise. The American Eskimo Dog is another furry friend that is small and over all a great companion.


Beagles are probably one of the most famous dogs under the letter “b”. This cute and friendly dog is perfect for any owner. They are cuddly and they love to play. The Bearded collie is a rather medium sized dog and is as furry as anyone would want their furry dogs to get. They are mainly used on farms for working but are also very lovable pets.

A Bichon fries is a fluffy, French sounding dog that loves attention. Bulldogs are popular among people from their strong and confident body and aura. They love to play and they also love to eat.


Chihuahuas are known to be the smallest dogs in the world sometimes. They sometimes can fit in large mugs. They are loyal lovers and are also alert so meaning they can also become great guard and watch dogs. Chow chows are the territorial dogs that will love their owners to bits and the Collie is the sweet and intelligent work dog that will play with you when you’re down.


If you’re looking for that cute wiener dog, the Dachshund is what you’re looking for. These small dogs are great watch dogs and when they’re not busy watching your home they are cuddly little babies that love affection. The ever famous Dalmatian is a great guard dog and will put a fight to take care of its territory, so watch out! But when you’re on his side, this spotted dog will love you for everything you have.


German shepherds are the famous police dogs. This is because they are all around awesome dogs. They are easily trained, can be great watch or guard dogs, and they are also very lovable and cuddle worthy. The Giant Schnauzer is that dog that looks like it has a beard, despite it being over all very furry. This dog can run around and play for all day if they want and they can cuddle you when they’re tired and looking for a rest. Greyhounds are famous, long legged, running dogs that are tall and love to run and play and sleep as well.


The Labrador retriever is the sweet, caring, and loving dog that people with families would want to get because this dog is playful and very patient with toddlers. This smart dog is probably America’s favourite dog. Maltese is a small breed of dog that has long hair that you can play with and groom. They are known to be great companions for anyone who is looking for one.


Pembroke Welsh corgi is a hyper little dog that loves to eat. They are fond of cuddling as much as they are playing and they know just how to spoil their owners with kisses. Pomeranians are another breed of small dog that is very furry, making everyone wants to cuddle with it. But this small ball of fur can also be very confident and knows just how to be a great guard dog. The Poodle is the tall companion for people of fashion. This dog has the looks and the brains for any beauty out there.


The Rottweiler is a big, muscle dog that looks intimidating at first but when you get to know them they are friendly and love to play around. These dogs are great companions for everyone out there. Saint Bernard is also another well known breed. They may be big and look scary but all they want to do is cuddle and sleep. Shiba inus are cuddling little warriors that know just how to make your day with hugs and kisses.


If you’re looking for a toy dog with hair to play with, the Shih Tzu would fit you. They are lazy most of the time but you can easily get them up and going so you can run around the park with them and play. Siberian husky is the cousin of the Alaskan malamute. They look very much alike but the Siberian is just a tad smaller. They are both loving, friendly, and very affectionate.


Yorkshire terrier pulls up at the end. This small dog is noisy but lovable. They are tiny but fearless. This small breed of dog is a great companion for anyone young or old.


So if you’re planning on buying yourself a long time companion with four legs, there are so many breeds out there you can choose from so don’t