A List of Small Dog Breeds for You and Your Family

Small dog breeds may be small, but these tiny balls of fluff make up for their small size with their big personalities. Small breeds are perfect for those who live in apartment buildings or anywhere with limited space. These dog breeds don’t need much space and they are just as playful and as energetic—sometimes even more so—than their bigger counterparts. Small breeds give dog lovers all the beauty of owning the dog without any problems dog owners experience with their big dogs.

Smaller breeds have become a fashion trends as well with big and famous celebrities toting their cute little pups around Hollywood. These dogs are more than just pets and members of the family—they’ve became sensational on the Hollywood red carpet as well. These little dogs also star in movies and in music videos alongside their celebrity owners—or on their own.

There are many factors to help you decide which breed of dog to choose when getting a dog for your family. These factors include whether you have children or not and what age your children are if you do have children. It also includes grooming, weather and a lot more. Below is a list of small dog breeds for you and your family.

  1. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are little balls of pure energy. They’re fond of running around and jumping up and down, so they might not be the perfect dog if you’re living in a confined space or area. They’re perfect for people who live an active lifestyle, because these dogs need a constant stream of activity and exercise.

These terriers love to be trained and seem to crave an unbelievable amount of human attention and discipline. Don’t let their size fool you—these dogs can be aggressive. They’re natural-born hunters. They were bred to fight against rats and all kinds of vermin, so expect these little hunters to be a little bit hard on smaller mammals.

Keep a close eye on them else they might get lost in pursuit of their prey or an interesting scent. They love exploring and keeping them on the leash is impossible, so let them freely roam around in a well-fenced area. Jack Russell Terriers are very good with children of any age. They’re good and very loyal pets and are very devoted to their owners.

  1. Maltese

Don’t let their appearance fool you. These fluffy little guys—and gals—shed very little if groomed properly. Maltese are popular for their beautiful and fluffy fur coat. It can be a bit tedious to take care of them, since their fur needs to be brushed regularly, but the love and affection they give you in return is worth it.

This breed loves to cuddle with their owners. They are like little stuffed dogs that will follow you wherever you go and never let you out of their sight. They love getting attention from their owners and can get overly attached. Some dogs may even get jealous when someone tries to get close to their owners

Maltese are playful and energetic. However, they might not be the best pet for small children. These dogs get injured easily by children who mistake them for fluffy toys. Some breeders advise parents not to get a Maltese if they have a child that’s seven years old and below.

  1. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are well-loved by celebrities. They’ve appeared in a few commercials, tv shows and in movies. They fluffy and cute appearance has made them quite the accessory for Hollywood’s elite.

These little guys live to please their owners. They love to play and do tricks. They’re easy to train and learn commands and tricks quickly. They also love to cuddle with people, making them really good therapy animals for sick people and the elderly.

This breed doesn’t require much exercise, but they love to play and run around. They’re good with children, but it’s recommended that parents introduce these dogs as a puppy. Despite their size, they’re great watch dogs and will bark at anyone—they’re very distrustful of strangers.

Pomeranians may be great with kids, but it is always advisable to supervise your children’s playtime with them. Their little size and fluffiness might cause children to squeeze them too tight or accidentally harm them. Teach your children to be gentle with this small breed. They may be small, but Pomeranians can be very feisty when they choose to be.

  1. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is the poster child for small dog breeds. They’re the smallest dogs around and they can be quite funny-looking when they shiver all the time. Although this small dog looks very meek and docile, Chihuahuas are actually like terriers: they’re relentless and feisty. They can also be quite aggressive and have been reported to be very protective of their owners.

These dogs are perfect for dog owners who live in small apartments, because they’re very little and they don’t take up too much space. They tend to hide under blankets or pillows when they sleep, so be sure to check before you sit down or lie down. This dog loves to explore and investigate different places and different smells, so be sure to keep a close eye on your pup when taking him or her to the park.

This breed is very alert despite their minimum exercise requirement. They love running around inside the house and going on walks outdoors. This breed also loves to play and is very trainable. They love to please their owners and are known attention-seekers.

This dog can be wary of strangers. They bark at a lot of things—especially people they’re not familiar with, or in some cases, people they don’t like. They can be aggressive towards people or other dogs, so be careful when introducing them to children. Chihuahuas can be great with kids, but they have a tendency to bite when not handled properly. Some breeders do not recommend having Chihuahuas in a home with young children.