All About The Armant Dog Breed

Egypt is a hot and dry area, it’s a wonder how the big and fluffy sheepdog, the Armant can stay in such a climate. Born and breed in this country, these sheepdogs have protected Egyptian livestock for a few centuries or even more. Not much is known about this breed outside of their country of origin, but they are known to be one of the most trustworthy and dutiful dogs known to man. Here are some of this breed’s greatest qualities to get to know them even better.

Appearance of an Armant

Armant Dog

Having quite a large head, this breed has a big wide nose, extensive mouth, and floppy ears. They are about thirty two inches and weigh up to forty to fifty pounds. This dog is quite large but the fur makes it appear even bigger than what it is. They usually come in a deep black or sable brown color and their fur coat is so fluffy it needs to be trimmed regularly to even see their faces underneath! Armant’s also have a long and poufy tail that wags whenever they are delighted.

Temperament of the The Armant Dog Breed

Armants are calm and cool, taking care of livestock and protecting them with all costs. They have a fun outgoing deposition when they are around their families and they enjoy entertaining. These dogs need all the interaction they can get from their adoring family and are prone to loneliness if left alone for too long. This is the type of dog that needs at least one family member at home with it at all times to insure they won’t become too destructive by their lonesome. One of their favorite games is good old fetch and of course long walks.

Grooming Requirements of an Armant

Their coat is quite rough feeling and it can be hard to groom and bath. They need a thick and strong brush to take out any knots without the hurt of pulling. Armants need some deep conditioner to go along with shampoo in order to keep their coarse coat more on the silky side.

Health Expectations of an Armant

Being an active canine, this breed does not have many illnesses if properly taken care of. Living up to fourteen years, they need a strong diet with protein and amino acids to keep them going. They may get bone aches later in life and that should be checked out by a vet if any signs are coming along.

Armant dogs are definitely not heard of by many dog lovers and owners. For being strictly used in Egypt, the Armant is a compliant worker and enjoys the aura of an ever loving human being.