All About The Azawakh Dog Breed

One of the most curious looking dog breeds hails from Africa, its name being the Azawakh. These very skinny dog are a descendant from bush dogs, who have been in Africa for many centuries past. Being a pariah dog, they have very strong instincts that have carried through from the wild, such a digging deep holes, intense suspicions, and an unusual howl that they would call out to other dogs to form a pack.

Appearance of an Azawakh

Azawakh Dog

These dog breed tends to frighten many because of its very thin and lithe body. This is actually normal for the breed to have, having this long and sleek figure has helped them adjust to African life for over 7,000 years. Their long lean legs and neck are extremely flexible, as well as their tight firm and extensive body. Their faces can almost be compared to a beagle, with floppy ears and a similar snout, yet their distinct body proportions say otherwise. They come in colors of cinnamon, lilac, black, and a grizzly brown which matches the coloring of the dry plains.

Temperament of an Azawakh

With a natural protective instinct that has subsided in them for centuries, they make excellent guards and even many native tribes have an Azawakh dog around to alert them of dangers. Since being so close to humans for long, they are indeed man’s best friend and closest guardian when it comes to the dangers of the heated African plains. Because of their primal instincts, they have a trait where they will dig holes in the yard, since in the wild they are known to dig dens to sleep in. Azawakhs are great family dogs and will protect children at all costs. They are almost never aggressive to humans, and enjoy feeling a tight bond.

Grooming an Azawakh

They just need a firm gripped bristle brush every once and awhile because of their extremely short coats. Due to being developed in hot and dry weather, these dogs don’t need many baths as well and can go without one for two months.

Keeping an Azawakh Healthy

An Azawakh heals rather quickly if they are wounded. They can get epilepsy if its in their genes, so it should be looked at when they are still at a young age. They can live up to twelve years if they are in their healthiest condition.

Azawakhs are quite an interesting breed and though many dog owners don’t know what to think of them, don’t let their looks fool you, they are imposing and trusty canines.