All About The Bakharwal Dog Breed

One of the most ancient breeds of canines that is still in this world is the Bakharwal dog. This breed has become so rare in these times that many have seen it other than those who use it as a working dog atop the Kashmir mountain range. This dog has been led to extinction because of harsh climate change in India as well as them being used as dogs for the Indian police to catch militants all across the country, many of them dying in the process. This breed is known for being large and sturdy and holds a certain beauty to it.

Appearance  of The Bakharwal Dog Breed

Bakharwal Dog

Being able to walk across large terrain and harsh mountainous climates, this breed of dog has a large muscled chest with broad shoulders and quarters. They can reach a height of thirty inches at the withers and weigh up to sixty pounds. Although not the largest dog breed around they are definitely pretty wide, with stocky legs and a deep double coat of fur. Their faces are large and have a molosser look to them, since they are related to the type and may even be an ancient form of molosser. Their fur comes in colors of tan, tawny, black and white, and a soft beige.

Temperament of a Bakharwal


These dogs have a serious deposition that makes them more than enough suited to be a working dog. They get along great with other animals and small children. When working on a farm, they have a high sense of protection for livestock and other farm animals. They do not fear larger animals then themselves and have been known to fend off bears and tigers because of their strong will. Because of their strong and courageous personality, it makes them one of the best companions for a human, although their stubborn nature can make them a tad difficult to train.

Grooming a Bakharwal


Bakharwals have a double coat that is thick yet soft. They need to be brushed daily or else their fur will tend to get tangled ad matted. These dogs need a bath once a month since dirt can stick to their fur especially if they are an outdoor dog or used for working.

Keeping a Bakharwal Healthy


Having such a sturdy frame, these dogs can overcome many sicknesses with the utmost ease. They are strong in body and mind and if catching a cold or flu they can regain their strength in a couple days. Their life span is up to ten years, sometimes even twelve. They have no genetic diseases and they can get sore joints like most dogs in old age.

Bakharwal are a beautiful breed that is sadly slowly dying out. These dogs may flourish once again if someone wants to give them that special care that they need in order to produce more numbers of them.