All About The Canaan Dog Breed

The Canaan dog is a very beautiful breed of dog that comes from the Middle East in Israel. These dogs are of the pariah dog type because of their known looks and sleek bodies. They have been used as a hard working dog and have also been called an honest canine.

Origin of The Canaan Dog Breed

Canaan Dog

Although the dog may look like its from ancient origins, these dog was first developed in the 1930’s. They do have similar qualities and a bloodline of breeds of dogs going back into the ancient biblical times. There have been drawings of a dog that looked very similar to the Canaan in caves going back to about 2000 B.C. They have been used a lot in many wars as bomb detectors since they could sniff out bombs much faster than a machine.

Appearance of The Canaan Dog Breed

The Canaan dog is medium sized with a weight of usually forty to fifty pounds. They have a very long face, which is reminiscent of dogs in the past. They have pointy triangular ears and a usually black wet nose. Their eyes are usually brown or a dark blue and their coats are of a soft snowy white or sometimes a cream beige. They have a curly cue tail that looks much like something a Spitz dog breed would have.

The Canaan’s Temperament

These dogs can be trained fairly quickly and they have the utmost obedience. They are the perfect pet for new dog owners as well as a herders that need a fast learner for their cattle. They are a very positive and happy dog, warming up to all kinds of people and love cuddling as well. They may be a bit shy around strangers but over time they will gladly greet them while they are taking walks with their owners. Canaan dogs have a strong work ethic if they are going to be used on the farmlands.

Canaan’s Grooming and Health

Canaan dogs are a breeze to groom, their coats are short yet have double fur that does not shed as often as other double coated dogs. They do shed quite often during the warmer months so around that time they should be groomed daily. Generally speaking, the Canaan dog is a healthy animal that just needs a check up once a month to make sure everything is working smoothly. They can live for quite awhile in human years, up to sixteen.

Canaan dogs are known for their beauty and their ancient ties to dogs of the long past. They are friendly and easy going making them perfect for any new dog owner.