All About The Malinois Dog Breed

The Malinois dog is a type of Belgian shepherd dog known for working well in the police force and for being a herder on farmlands all across Belgium. Their name actual means “shepherd” in French. They have also been trained for rescue work and are easy listeners making them one of the most conscientious breeds.

Origin of The Malinois Dog Breed


Being one of four different types of Belgian shepherds, this dog breed is said to be around in the early 1900’s making an appearance in plenty of shows and taking first and second place. Their looks are close to the German Shepherd, except their coat is much shorter, making dog experts wonder if there is some sort of connection between the two breeds as they are both from neighboring countries.

Appearance of The Malinois Dog Breed


With a long black muzzle and tan fur, this dog is large and easy to point out. They have a well muscled body and can weigh up to eighty pounds. Their ears are short and point upwards with their brown eyes full of passion and intelligence. Although their coats look short, they are actually a double coat that is resistant to rain and other weather conditions. Their legs are long and lean with their paws being rounded and having sharp claws.

Temperament of a Malinois


With a knack for obedience, these dogs have been trained all over the Netherlands as attack dogs, protection dogs, and search and rescue dogs. They can qualify for any of these duties because of their fast paced learning skills. Being hard working, they are also great for families with young children as they feel it is their responsibility to protect a child from dangers. They are driven to succeed in pleasing their owners so they make great pets that can get along with other animals as well.

Grooming and Health


Because of their double coat they need to be groomed at least weekly. They also do not need excessive bathing because their coat needs to absorb natural oils in order for it to stay resistant to weather conditions. They live up to fourteen years and can gain minor skin and eye allergy problems that can be taken care of with medication.

Malinois dogs are a beautiful animal with a rightful sense of duty. They are one of the best dogs for police work as well as being a welcomed addition to family.