Are Apples Good For Dogs And Their Health?

There are many nutritious foods that dog owners want to try on their dogs because they believe that as humans, dogs can also benefit from the vitamins and minerals that they get from eating variety of foods such as vegetables and fruits. But according to some veterinary experts, human foods can be unhealthy to dogs even if they contain nutritious contents because they can be toxic so dogs.

Apples for dogs are a Good Idea

apples for dogs

While most fruits are safe for dogs, there are certain part of the fruit that your can should not it because they could be toxic or cause blockade in your dog’s trachea or intestines which may result to choking or digestive problems. Some fruits are also becoming unsafe not only for dogs but even for humans albeit if generally considered to be safe because of the amount of chemicals that farmers spray on fruits to ward off pests and insects. So, organic fruits are the most ideal if you want to give your pooches some fruity treats.

are apples good for dogs

Apples in particular are very healthy to dogs and therefore answer the question – Are apples good for dogs? An apple contains many vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc vitamins A, C and K. it is also a good source of dietary fiber that is beneficial to your dog’s digestive system.


Giving an apple to your dog is apparently healthy considering the amount of vitamins and minerals that it contains. For humans, an apple helps prevent many diseases and maintain a healthy body and some experts believe to have the same effect with dogs as there is a great similarity on how a dog’s digestive system functions compare to humans.

Apples for Dogs – Avoid the seeds

However, despite the seemingly safe and healthy practice of giving your dog an apple, the pit or seeds specifically should never be given to your dogs.  When said never, it means not even once or in small amount to be sure. Apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides or commonly known among farmers and homeowners as cyanide. This is the same chemical used to kill and control pest infestation such as rats and other species of rodents that are destructive to farms and houses.

are apples good for dogs

If you think your dog has ingested apple seed, you have to rush it immediately to the vet for check-up and observation. Signs of cyanide poisoning in dogs includes the following: abnormal panting, vomiting, and heart arrhythmia, dilating pupils, shock and even coma in some severe cases. Your vet will definitely know what to do in cases like this and there is no such thing as first aid in cyanide poisoning other than antidote administered by a registered veterinarian.

Apples are healthy treats for dogs but as mentioned just avoid the seeds and keep it away from their reach when unattended. You can prepare a great apple treat by making small slices and feed it as a snack or lure for training tricks. During summer, a chilled slice of apple treat is a good idea to cool down your dog from the searing heat of the sun. But remember, any food that is not considered to be a regular diet of dogs should be given moderately.