Are Carrots Good for Dogs—Benefits of Carrots for Dogs

Carrots are very nutritious. This vegetable helps to improve your eyesight and your immune system. It has been recommended to eat six carrots a week in order to boost your health. But is it advisable for dogs to eat carrots?

are carrots good for dogs

Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

You might be wondering if a piece of carrot is good for your dog. It is actually good for your pet! Dogs may eat this vegetable raw or cooked. But you still need to consider if your dog likes to eat it cooked or raw.

Benefits of Eating Carrots

There are tons of benefits that your pet will get if he eats carrots.|

are carrots good for dogs

  • For one, it improves the eyesight of your dog. Carrots are full of beta-carotene which is transformed into Vitamin A as it enters your colon. Vitamin A is a known vitamin that helps to improve one’s vision.


  • Another benefit is it helps to fight cancer. You might be surprised by it, but dogs can also get cancer. And just like humans, they get cancer not only because of hereditary reasons, but also because of the food they eat. But if carrots are included in your dog’s meal, there is a lesser chance that your dog will get cancer. It is because carrots are packed with falcarinol. It is an organic pesticide that kills cancer cells in the body.


  • Carrots can also reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It is also packed with fiber which is good to your dog’s heart. It also helps to clean the colon of your canine pet. It will be easier for your puppy to eliminate all the unwanted toxins found in its body.


  • Carrots will also help to improve your pet’s teeth. It will strengthen the teeth of your dog and it will also lessen the chance of getting cavities.


  • Finally, carrots can prevent aging. Carrots are also rich in antioxidants which are known nutrients that delay the signs of aging. When a dog eats this vegetable, it will help improve the fur of your dog as well as its nails and skin. Furthermore, it will become healthy and fit. It will make your dog live longer than what it is expected.

But just like any other food, you need to give your pet a right amount of carrots that it can digest. Otherwise, it will cause harm to your beloved dog, instead of improving its health. You may consult a veterinarian and ask him the right amount of carrots for your beloved pet. Or you may read articles online for you to know the appropriate amount of carrots that your pet should take. Those articles will not only give you the right measurements, but the perfect time to give it as well.

Carrots are very beneficial not only to humans, but to dogs as well. Your pooch can get a lot of health benefits by just eating a carrot. So if you have a puppy, why don’t you give it a piece of carrot? It will greatly improve the health of your pet.