Tips on Choosing the Best Groomer for Your Dog


People that own pets understand that taking care of them is as important as taking care of your own family. You would like for your pet to be taken care of in a proficient and tender manner. If you have a dog that has hair that grows to more than an inch long, it needs regular grooming. It will need its hair cut about every three months in addition to bathing and shampooing your pet when it is needed. When it is time to choose a dog groomer, here are some important tips to follow.

How to Find the Best Groomer for Your Dog

Best Groomer for Your Dog

If you know other people who also own dogs, ask them who they use for a groomer. The next time you run into them or when they are taking their dog for a walk, just ask them. They would be more than happy to share information about dog groomers. You could also ask your veterinarian for information about a groomer.

Since a veterinarian may not want to endorse one specific groomer, you could ask them if they have seen any medical injuries like cuts due to a groomer. You then could inquire who that groomer was so you can avoid them.

Do research either on the Internet or your local telephone directory to locate dog groomers. Give them a call and ask them about their services, and whether their grooming salon is affiliated with the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. (NDGAA). This group presents competitions for dog groomers and then hosts shows with the dogs that have been groomed. The dog groomer might even have received an award or have entered contests. Additionally, the NDGAA presents dog groomer training and continuing education classes so that groomers can stay up to date with new procedures and methods in dog grooming.

If your state has policies on dog groomers, verify with the dog groomer that they are either certified or licensed. Just like you would not normally take your child to an unlicensed physician, you would not want to take your dog to an unlicensed dog groomer.

Before you leave your dog off at a dog groomer, visit the facilities and the dog groomer in person. Ask particular questions of the groomer such as how long they have been in business and if they have experience grooming the breed of dog that you own. Inquire what they would do if your dog presents problems while it is being groomed such as the dog shaking while being cut or its hair being blow dried.

Speak to the customers while you are at the groomer’s salon and see what they think about the services there. Additionally, ask them which groomer they like the best and how long they have been coming to the groomer.

Attend groomer shows and look into the dog groomers that are represented there. Typically, the best dog groomers enter these contests. This way you can see how the dogs look and investigate dog groomers personally. These top of the line groomers may be expensive so be warned. If you follow our steps, you will find theĀ Best Groomer for Your Dog.