Breeds Of Dog that are Ideal To Own

Dogs are the most common pet by many people. Yet, it is also one of the most useful animals in terms of rescue, security and companion. However, a dog can be considered as your best pet if it is only right for you. That is why you need to know all the basic characteristics of a dog before owning one. Get to know the breeds of dog you would like to become a pet and study their temperaments as well.

Recently, statistics show that there are breeds of dogs that are more popular than others because of its characteristics and how these dogs dominate people’s lives in a better way. Here are some of them.

Labrador retriever

The number one on the list is the Labrador retriever and it has been the best dog breeds for the past two decades already. The first bred of Labrador was discovered in Canada in the year 1800s as a large water retrieving dog. These kinds of dogs are very obedient, affectionate and sociable as well. Labs have also 3 different fur colors for you to choose from – yellow, chocolate and black.

Labradors are also known to be very active and sporty which is very ideal for people who have active lifestyles. They love to play, swim and fetch. That is why this kind of dog is best for children as they have also patience and high tolerance to children.

German shepherd

The second best dog to own is the German shepherd. This kind of dog is known for its intellectual ability, faithful and very loyal to his master. German shepherds were originally come from Germany in 1800s as this country has been popular to have a large number of herding dogs.

These dogs are very versatile which is why they are also used for military and law enforcements because of their exceptional ability. They are easygoing, protective, and agile but are also gentle to children. They are also ideal as family pet since they can easy adjust all kinds of environment. German shepherds also come in different shades including tan and black.

Yorkshire terrier

Third on the list is the Yorkshire terrier. These dogs can be small but they are very bright, playful and sometimes stubborn. They are famous of having long silky coats of blue-gray and tan color. Yorkshire terriers originate in 1800s from England and are used for small vermin hunting. They are protective and barkers which is ideal as watchdogs in your property. They are also ideal as indoor pets.

Golden retriever

Taking the fourth spot is the golden retriever which known for its happy-go-lucky characteristics. They have medium-length hair coats of gold and were bred as sporting dogs since 1800s in England. They also like to play and they always love to play the game of fetch. However, they are very popular as family pet and consider as hunting dogs as well.


Beagles are one of the most ideal pets for children because of their characteristics. They are very affectionate, patient, protective and very gentle to children. Originally, beagles come from England in 1300s and were used for small scenthound for rabbit hunting. They have a very strong personality and would always love to explore. They also don’t mind they have dog companions in the house. Beagles also vary in hair colors including tri-colors of tan, black and white.

How to pick the right dog breed

Picking the right breed of dogs has a lot of factors to consider. Dogs vary in colors, sizes, furriness and characteristics. That is why you need to choose a dog that meets your lifestyle and expectations as well. Consider if these dogs are compatible for your family and your children if you have. You must also need to realistic if you can commit time, money and effort to this man’s best friend.

Family friend

If you are looking for a dog that is ideal for the family and has the ability to cuddle and play with your children, choose dogs that are playful, energetic and gentle to children. Some of the most recommended dog breeds are bulldogs, mixed breed of bully, Saint Bernard, Labrador retriever and beagle.


If you are also looking for a dog that will protect you and your family, choose a dog that is protective, loyal and faithful. Rottweiller, Doberman pinscher, German shepherd and Staffordshire terrier is some of the best dogs to protect you.

Part of the pack

There are also dog breeds that do not want to have companions and the result of it usually clashes. That is why if you want to more than one dog or you have already existing dogs in your house, choose dogs that are versatile. Beagles, Italian greyhound and coonhound are the best ones to consider. Labradors, golden retrievers, cavalier King Charles spaniel and Shih Tzu are also among the best dog to choose.

Couch potato

There are also dogs would prefer to stay in your couch or on your lap and are already satisfied with a small space. If you are living in an apartment and would like to have a dog that needs only little exercise, choose dog breeds that are considered as couch potatoes. This includes bull mastiff, pug and greyhounds.

Running partner

If your lifestyle is too active such as running most of the time, pick dogs that are also extremely active like Dalmatians, border collies, Australian shepherd and jack Russell terrier. These dogs are born to have high level of stamina. Just make sure you bring water to drink.

Adventure companion

If you also love adventure and wanted to have a dog companion, always pick a dog that can withstand your lifestyle as well. Among these are Labradors, collies, pointers, German shepherds, Australian cattle dogs and huskies for colder climates.

Budget buddy

If you also consider your budget, choose the one that requires only no to less maintenance. Beagles and Australian cattle dogs are some of the best budget buddies for you. these dogs do not require regular grooming and checkups.