The Friendliest Breeds of Dogs (And the not so friendly)

Dogs are man’s best friend and the worlds best companions. They could bring so much joy into our homes, and they have become a part of the family. Their behavior largely depends on either their nature or the nurturing that they have been receiving from their owners. I have seen so many dogs that have gone astray, and went to shelters because of an unlikely behavior.

Dogs are bred for so many years already. Sometimes by breeding the same ancestral line, or by breeding different or mixed lines. The process relatively continues until today. It has created so many mix breeds and is all equally wonderful. The dogs have become more genetically different or diverse in so many ways. Dogs are the only animals that have the most diverse breed. Their appearance too is so diverse even though they are of the same species.


There are breeds of dogs that are heart warmingly friendly and are very perfect for household families, while there are other breeds that are actually trained to protect their owner. Some breeds are trained to be loyal to their owner. sometimes they are also very dangerous already. Let us list out the friendliest and the not so friendly bunch of canines.


The Friendliest Breeds of Dogs

Friendliest Breeds of Dogs


  • Labrador Retriever – Their size is relatively medium large, this dogs are very gentle in demeanor, and are lively sweet and are not the aggressive type. They are very popular in families and single owners. They are easy to train and very loyal.
  • German Shepherd – their temperament is gentle, they can easily be trained too and follow sorters with ease. They are very keen in senses and are very vigilant.
  • Beagle – They are cute small dogs, they are actually a hunting dog in classification; very friendly and loveable. They are also easy to train and are also loyal to their owners.
  • Golden Retriever – very strong and lively dog, they have solid strong body parts. Retrievers are recommended to strong male owners due to their strength and rough play style. Although anyone can own one. They are large in size.
  • Yorkshire Terrier – very short in stature, the shape of the body is more like a chihuahua, they are small fashionably forward doggies. Most owners are female because they are easy to carry and handle. They are also very lovable.
  • Bulldogs – They have very friendly temperament, although a little stingy at times, the attitude is mostly dependent to the nurturer. They are courageous, never brutal, and don’t attack people. They are sometimes grudge keeper, so better be sweet to them too.


Part 2 of The Friendliest Dog Breeds


  • Boxer- the origin of this kind of breed is in Germany. They have very strong shape and appearance but are relatively friendly. They are loyal, and they do not hold any grudge.
  • Bearded Collie – These type of breed is a herding dog breed, its origin is from Scotland. They are active and relatively very intelligent too. Alert and very loyal to their owners.
  • Australian Cattle Dog – medium in size, very witty and brave, very honest and with absolute loyalty to their owners.
  • Papillon Dog – it’s a small dog that looks like a toy. Its origin is from Belgium, Spain and France. They have no temperament but relatively joyful. They love cuddles and being dressed up. The Papillon breed are also very loyal to their nurturer.
  • St. Bernard – They are really big in size, more like a giant, so they are no recommended for little kids. But if your kids have one, they are not dangerous at all. They are a working dog breed, very friendly and lively. They are also relatively calm.


What Separates the Friendliest Breeds of Dogs and the Not so Friendly


These are just some of the friendliest dogs, and the list will just go on and on. There are more breeds that can actually complete your family. On the other side of the road are the not so friendly ones. You will notice that the some of the dogs are present in the friendly list and the not so friendly list at the same time, so it really all boils down to the owner and the training.

This list is not actually a majority list, because according to dog whisperers and dog experts, the genes and breed pal a big role in the attitude of the dog, but it all boils down to the training they have undergone, and the nurturer. Below is a list of the not so friendly ones.

Some breeds actually appear on both lists. The reason is nurture is a huge part of the equation of a dog being friendly or not friendly. So do not let this dissuade or convince you but this as a general guideline. The Friendliest Breeds of Dogs can be your neighbors worst nightmare.


The Not so Friendly Dog Breeds


  • Great Dane – These are very loyal dogs. If they are actually trained properly, they are gentle giants. These creatures are very dangerous though if improperly cared for, or if they are really trained to kill. They can weigh as much as 200 lbs. and can stand very tall up to more than 80 centimeters. There are several fatalities already about caused by this animal.


  • Boxer – this dog is also present in the friendly list. They are actually hunting dogs during the world war. They are also attack and guard dogs at the same time. Boxers are extremely loyal, and have powerful bites and jaws. They are also ok for families who want the sense of security. Boxers are also headstrong, so owners might have a hard keeping him grounded at times.


  • Wolf Hybrid – wolves are dog’s descendants. Every dog is related to a wolf, but there are breeds that are actually directly inbred with wolfs. There is a very inherent danger in breeding wild animals; they are unpredictable, and skittish. Some states already forbid owning a wild wolf rose domestically.


  • Husky – They are known as sled dogs, very athletic and full of energy. Huskies are also sensitive with temperature. They are not the sociable kind. They are actually recorded mauling deaths caused by these dogs.


  • Doberman Pinscher – They are the police dogs. They are slowly gaining good reputation lately, but their size and breed are still relatively dangerous for domestic ownership. Doberman Pinscher also are loyal to owners and are very aggressive to strangers. They have very strong senses; that is why they are regarded as police dogs. There are reported cases that they are the cause.


Make Your Own Choice

The Friendliest Breeds of Dogs in my opinion are those you raise yourself. Nurture is the epitome of having a friendly dog. An aggressive or unfriendly dog, in general, can become friendly. The only discrepancy is when you are dealing with non-dog dogs. For example, any wolf hybrid. They are not really dogs, and due to this you have a nature limit which determine how friendly a dog can be. Plus a wolf hybrid, like all unfriendlier dogs can be destructive and require a dedicated and contained play area.