Build your own DIY Dog Bed

Playing house with your pet dog is ideally right while his is still a puppy. After going through the initial stages of housebreaking rules, you might want to get your canine a much bigger bed. In fact, you can make your own DIY dog bed! That way, you can choose the perfect size and style that suits your home aside from saving the costs. The most practical to start with would be a cozy quilted mattress for your pet. You can make use of your old pillows and cloth fabrics and put them together. It is easy to make and you can even move it easily from one place to another. It would be helpful if you seal the top cover with zippers so you can take it off for washing.


Opting for a DIY dog bed doesn’t require much skill for you in carpentry, as there are readily available materials you can find from the attic. One of them is a wooden crate that can instantly turn into a bed frame! With that, you don’t have to think much since you already know how to make your own pet mattress. All that’s left is the painting job if you want it to look different. For that, just simply use a spray paint for a clean finish.




Your attic has plenty of old stuffs, which can be useful for creating a DIY dog bed. A vintage suitcase would be ideal for your puppy until he grows to into a considerable size before you opt for a much bigger bed. An open suitcase would make a nice cozy bed for small dogs and there is little need for some mattress since it is already equipped with linings. With that, you can simply put an old pillow for cushioning. You can take off the enclosure or simply leave it open and use the compartments of the suitcase to store his favourite toys.


Pleasant time


It is important that your pet gets along with everyone in the household. After all, a dog is a friend and a constant companion. If you give him a comfortable dwelling space inside your home, there will be lesser chances that you’ll catch him lying down on the table, couches or your kids bed. Dogs are very inquisitive, so you should treat them with a lot of patience and love.