Can Dogs Eat Shrimp and Why It’s Okay To Be Selfish With Shellfish

A lot of pet owners and dog lovers are guilty of sneaking table scraps and leftovers to their dogs. It’s hard to resist the cute puppy dog eyes your precious canine friend makes when he sees you and your food. The question is, are those puppy eyes healthy for your fur baby?

Although it is highly discouraged by animal trainers and numerous pet owners, a lot of us are guilty of smuggling food—especially the food we (our kids) don’t like—under the table and into your pet’s mouths. Even though it seems like a harmless thing to do, feeding your dog table scraps could be dangerous to your pet. You might accidentally feed him something he should not eat.

can dogs eat shrimp

One of the things you should not feed your dog is shrimp. Even though feeding your dog a piece of shrimp or two won’t mean your dog will be frothing at the mouth with a ticket straight to doggy heaven, veterinarians highly encourage dog lovers and pet owners to be wary of feeding their dogs shrimps because of the following reasons:

It may block your pooch’s digestive tract

can dogs eat shrimp

Shrimp is a kind of shellfish. Their shell, legs and their tail is made out of chitosan, a form of chitin, which is hard to digest. If you’re wondering about can dogs eat shrimp, you should know that this may block the digestive tract of your dog and cause severe pain or even death in the long run. If you really insist on feeding your dog shrimp, make sure to cook it thoroughly and peel it well.

It may cause vomiting and diarrhea

can dogs eat shrimp

When a dog ingests something it can handle or something it is not supposed to eat, their body is bound to find a way to expel it by vomiting or by letting it out the other end. If your dog is new to shellfish or is allergic to it, it may result in vomiting and loss of appetite. It could also lead to diarrhea and dehydration. Take your dog to the vet immediately.

It may result to itching and your dog may go bald

can dogs eat shrimp

A lot of dogs are allergic to shellfish. This allergic reaction may cause them to itch uncontrollably. You might also notice your dog’s fur falling out in clumps or gradually. You will notice that the dog’s fur coat will become thinner.

It is not part of the dog’s natural diet

Dog food companies do their best to come up with formulas that best provide the dog with their daily nutritional needs. A lot of dog owners have also opted for the raw food diet or the natural and organic diet where they mimic the diet of the dogs’ ancestors in the wild.

can dogs eat shrimp

A lot of people argue that since dogs are terrestrial animals, they have little to no contact with shrimps, since they are found in deep waters. Although shrimps could be a good and healthy source of protein, it is highly recommended that pet owners opt for beef, pork, lamb or chicken meat that are closer to the diet of wild dogs.