Can Your Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Training your dog some new tricks? It may take a while before your pet get the clear thought of what you’re asking. You have to be patient and must be ready to repeat saying the same things over and over before he finally gets it. Of course, along with that, you should give your dog some sort of reward or maybe praise him for a job well done. Most dogs are highly intellectual and are eager to learn so many things. There are even dog training classes that you can check out to maximize his potentials. Here are some of the teachings that consist each category:

Clever Tricks Courses


  • Rollover
  • Do high-five
  • Bow
  • Crawl


This is probably something to consider after your dog is already used to the basic commands. Teaching him clever tricks are good for show dogs. In fact, show dogs are taught to stand steadily for judging. If the dog is misbehaving during the show, it can get disqualified.


Advanced Coaching Courses


  • Sleep command
  • Ask to wait
  • Ask to heel


Clever dogs know more than one trick, that’s why most dog training classes offer advanced level courses for these types of pets. Retrieving objects is an ordinary activity for most dogs; you can practice with your dog by throwing a ball and see how he reacts. Playing catch is the best form of exercise where you don’t have to go anywhere than your backyard. After teaching your dog how to sit, it is considerably easier to ask him to go down.


Starter Training Courses


  • Walking without leash
  • Social conduct
  • Housebreaking
  • Come/ sit/ leave commands


Most likely, your dog will look forward to stroll with you every morning once he learns these basic dog training classes objectives. Although a leash is an essential tool for training, it is also important that your dog knows how to behave without it. Always reward your dog with some knick-knacks or a gentle tap before and after every session.


Puppy Guidance Courses


  • No leash strolling
  • Getting along with dogs and people
  • Good behaviour
  • Basic commands such as stay/sit/come


You should not let a session go on for too long. Just like humans, dogs also get tired and won’t like to do the same things over and over. Your voice is the first thing he will recognize before he responds. That’s why it is important to remain consistent with the tone of your voice whether it signifies calling, command and praise. When he hears your call, he must always know that something pleasant is waiting.