Canine Acupuncture -Improving Dog Health

Dog owners are tapping into the alternative medicine phenomenon, canine acupuncture. Many people  would consider alternative medicine services for animals to be a simple waste of money. Others would argue their are therapeutic benefits of this treatment.

Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

canine acupuncture

Proponents of Canine Accupuncture tout the following benefits:

  1. Improved Emotional Health
  2. Improved Psychological Health
  3. Treating Physical Ailments

The benefits can be hard to grasp. The combination of emotional and psychological health appear in the form of relaxation and anxiety relief. The physical aspect is easier to see. Weight loss is a common reason for treatment and is instantly evident.

The Process of Treatment

As a dog owner, understanding the dynamics of canine acupuncture will provide for a more educated decision. This helps choosing acupuncture as an alternative medicine approach to canine care.

During treatment, small (painless) needles are placed under the skin. These are at strategic points to provide improved health. Many dog owners are leery of treatment. This can be for a variety of reasons such as the dog’s inability to sit comfortably for several minutes. Veterinary acupuncturists have demonstrated canine acupuncture can be done in as little as a minute.

The longest acupuncture session I have seen has been about 30 minutes. This fact is often relieving the concerns of most dog owners. Through encouragement and companionship, many dogs will successfully experience canine acupuncture without incident in the office. But, what are the therapeutic benefits to the dog?

What Comes After Treatment

Following treatment, dog owners report an improvement in the very minor ailments which afflict dogs on a daily basis. With condition specific canine acupuncture treatment dogs see a wide variety of benefits. These benefits range from dogs suffering from weight control, gastrointestinal complications and even depression. Often in as little as one treatment. Upon completion of a canine acupuncture treatment session, the relaxation affect may lead to several days of relaxation for your dog.

Following the initial relaxation response, your dog will show an improvement in activity level. This happens within several days of acupuncture treatment. For dogs who exhibit more severe ailments, both physical and emotional, the veterinary acupuncturist may suggest more than one treatment. Treatment is often on a weekly basis over two to three months.

Following treatment, dog owners commonly report immediate relief of the symptoms. Canine gastrointestinal pain is commonly relieved. Dogs suffering from obesity will commonly begin to show improvements in weight management after several treatments. Dogs experiencing periods of depression are reportedly running to and fro in the backyard. While the cost can be massive, most dog owners find the benefits to the family dog’s health far outweigh the cost.