How to Create Cozy Homemade Dog Beds

There’s no doubt about it, your dog also needs some tiny little knick-knacks and a nice warm bed to sleep on. When you create something for your pet, it brings out your flair for creativity while showing your affection. Homemade dog beds are nothing short of artistic if that’s the way to describe it. Besides, it’s the smartest thing to do these days. If you have limited space in the house for instance, wouldn’t you think of something that would fit perfectly? Only a self-made bed can give you that.


Space-saving beds can be out of an already existing shelf or a closet.  You just have to make use of the corner bottom space of the shelf or wooden cabinet and use it as the homemade dog beds deck. Simply create a mattress out of old cushions to come up with something warm and cozy for your puppy. This type of dwelling is only for temporary if the standard size of your dog will likely grow much bigger. If that’s the case, then you have to make sure you don’t do permanent modifications on the shelf so there will be nothing to repair once you move your pet to a new bed.


The little nook


Apart from training your dog the house rules, it is also nice if your canine has that little corner where all his stuffs are stored like food, toys and grooming kit. Think of it like a little corner with his bed, dining and toilet space altogether. This is very appropriate if you have small children in the house. Babies love to pick anything and put it straight into their mouth. That’s why you need to set for some boundaries where the dog stays and where the baby can roam around so the toys and food don’t get mixed up.


Homemade dog beds can be your special project to pursue for pastime. It would be wise to make a big one while your dog is still small so you don’t have to create another one as it grows. If you have skills in woodwork, you can make a very unique bed as you can ever imagine. Meanwhile, you can make use of a big wooden drawer, a crate or an old luggage for the hollow frame if there is nothing else. Your dog will love it no matter what.