Different Ways on How to Get Rid of Ticks on Dogs

Dogs are considered as the man’s best friends because they are very loyal and kind with their master. Many people want to have their own dog because it can give joy and entertainment. Dog is the most popular pet all over the world because it is very smart and talented.

Did you know that dog is also a great help in military? Bombing squads are using dogs to detect explosive devices in the surroundings. They are just going to train the dog for several months. Military trained the dogs in order to find different people in the field.

Dog Breeds

Finding the right dog for you will be a little bit hard. There are different breeds of dogs that will surely catch your attention. Here is the list of different dog breeds that will amaze you:

  • Alaskan Malamute, it is the oldest arctic dog across the globe and was bred to work
  • Bloodhound, this dog is great help for the hunters because it has the ability to track ad trace different animals
  • Boxer, it is a cross breed of English bulldog and Bullenbeisser. This dog is very aggressive and use to fight with bulls
  • Brussels Griffon, it is a small dog that can kill vermin in different horse stables
  • Chihuahua, the most adorable dog. It is known for having a weight that is less than 6 pounds
  • English Springer Spaniel, it was trained to become a hunter dog

What are Dog Ticks?

Dog tick is a parasite that feed your dog’s blood and it is usually found in tall grass, woods and bushes. Ticks normally attached their selves to the dogs. Dog ticks can make your pet’s life miserable and it can also transmit different diseases that can lead to death. Therefore, pet owners must be wise on protecting their pet from tick infestation.

Although not all ticks bring diseases, pet owners must learn on how to avoid tick manifestation. According to the experts, not all tick diseases can immediately transmitted on dogs especially if your dog is in a good health condition. Dogs are usually itching because of ticks that are why it is better to remove ticks as soon as possible. Spotted fever, Lyme diseases and rocky mountain are the most common diseases that bring by the ticks.

Spotted fever can be recognized easily because you just have to observe the behaviour and physical changes on your pet. The Lyme disease can cause body pains, lameness, fever and loss of appetite while rocky mountain is fever and vomiting. These diseases are curable but can cause death if not treated immediately.

In order to ensure the safety of your pet, you must observe the symptoms of tick manifestation so that it can be cure immediately. If you want to have a jolly and adorable pet, you must keep your dog free from any ticks.  The best way to keep your dog free from any tick is applying a tick repellent on their skin.

Tick repellent is a colloid that contains different chemicals which can kill ticks in just a short period of time. This product is available on your local store or in different veterinary clinic.  Some dogs are allergic on tick repellent it is the reason why you must also prepare a first aid treatment. If you don’t use any tick repellent on your dogs, it is advisable to check the condition of your dog if it has any tick on a regular basis.

Natural Tick Repellent

There are some dogs that have sensitive skin. You must avoid putting any chemicals on their skin because it can cause allergic reactions. Many people are asking on how to get rid of ticks on dogs naturally? If you want to avoid your dog from any tick manifestation you can use these natural tick repellents:

  • Grain free food, this food can make your dog healthy because it contains rice, corn, soy and wheat. Experts believed that parasites don’t want to stay in a dog that has a healthy condition.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic, many people are adding garlic and apple cider vinegar on the food of their dogs because it can make their blood more acidic and it doesn’t want by the ticks
  • Essential oils, Ticks are allergic on therapeutic grade essential oils because it irritated their senses.


Pet owners must keep their pet dogs healthy and free from any thick manifestation because it is not good for the health of the children. There are some instances that ticks are leaving your dog’s body and stay in different carpets or garments at home. They can bite and attack your children.

Ticks are usually come from grasses and bushes that’s why you must keep your dog away from these stuffs. You must also clean their nails and hair every day. There are various pet shampoo and soaps that you can buy in the market. It will help you to keep your pet’s status clean and healthy.

If your pet already experiences a tick manifestation, you must consult to a veterinarian expert immediately. They can apply treatment on your dog in order to remove all ticks. If you want to know more information about tick manifestation and how to avoid this case, you must attend several seminars that conducted by the experts. You can also read different reviews and articles on the internet. There are many pet owners who are sharing their experience with tick manifestation.

Nowadays, there are many veterinarian doctors who are sharing their knowledge about avoiding tick manifestation on dogs. Sometimes they are giving free products that can make your dog healthy and jolly the whole time.

According to them, if you notice that there are a lot of changes in the attitude of your pet you must check if it has any tick manifestation. People must not afraid on bringing their pets in veterinary clinic because the doctors will just examine the condition of their pet. Veterinary doctors will also give different tips and advices on how to take care properly your pet dog.