Top 5 Adorable Dogs That Shed The Least

Many families love dogs to be their pets because their children can play with it and cuddle it plus they are really loyal companion. But taking a dog to your home is a big responsibility, no wonder many dog owners treat their dogs as if a member of their family because they nurture it with love and care. But some people need to find one of the many Dogs that shed the least.

However, to those who are not accustomed with the canine specie, the smell and fur can be irritating. the fur is not actually the one that causes  Some even have allergies to dogs because of the heavy shedding they produce which are accompanied by a dander (flakes of dead skin that falls off together with furs) which is an allergen that can irritate someone so, they need to keep away from these lovely furry pets.

dogs that shed the least

Dog fur can be very messy inside your house. Most dogs that have double coat are regular and heavy shedder which means that you expect to gather a ball of fur when you do general cleaning in your house and they can be everywhere from clothes to carpets and furniture to your beddings. So, expect this scenario every time you clean your house if you have a heavy and regular shedder and you must also avoid your children or visitors playing with your dog if you they have certain allergies to dander that accompany the fur.

Hypoallergenic dogs

There is no such thing as dogs that do not shed because even humans lose strands of their hairs overtime. However, there are dogs that are called least shedders and they belong to the group of dogs that have single coat of fur. This means that these dogs also have less dander falling off from their coat which causes allergy.

dogs that shed the least

So, if you really want to have a dog in your home but do not want pieces of fur scattered around your carpet and furniture, then the following 5 adorable dog breeds that shed the least is ideal for you.

The Top 5 Dogs That Shed The Least

  1. Labradoodle – though not a recognized breed yet, this beautiful dog is a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle and they are considered by veterinarians as a hypoallergenic dog because they shed very least amount of hair.
  1. Toy poodle – cute and cuddly, this little curly pooch is also among the ideal pet for children the same as its larger-sized relative – standard poodle. Poodles are the gold standard for dogs that shed the least.
  1. Shih Tzu – this popular small breed dog from Asia is a dog of choice for most people who live in small apartment. It is also very ideal family dog because of their lively temperament and less shedding coat.
  1. Dachshund – sometimes branded as a hotdog because of its short and elongated body, the dachshund is a single-coat, less-shedding dog that can live inside your homes.
  1. Yorkshire terrier – this dog originated from England during the mid-19th century is a rat-catching breed of the terrier family but they have become couch dogs in these modern times and a very adorable family pet. Also called as yorkie, this dog is among the breed that shed the least which you could keep inside your homes and which children can play with.

There are still many breed of dogs that shed less but these five are the most ideal for family pet because of their size and temperament. They are playful and less likely to develop an aggression towards humans. Plus these are the breeds of dogs that shed the least.