Product Review – Greenies Really Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Cleaner

If my dog could talk, I believe the first word to come out of his mouth every morning would be “Greenies”.

What is a Greenie?

A Greenie, if you haven’t heard, is a teeth cleaning treat for your dog. Recently, S M; Nutec, the manufacturer of the Greenies treat, re-introduced the product using an improved formula. The treat is now fully digestible, water soluble and very chewy. I was skeptical of the manufacturers claims that the treat would reduce tartar to the extent of almost 70 percent. I thought, if the statement was true, my dog certainly would not like the taste of the treat.

As skeptical as I was, though, I purchased a package of the new improved Greenies in the suggested size for my puppy, Eevee. I learned a long time ago, if a manufacturer goes to the trouble of putting sizing information on a package, it is for a good reason. I always read the package, following the directions and feed the proper size treat for my dog.

The day I made the purchase I gave Eevee her first Greenie treat. She quickly took it from me and ran through the living room with it, like she had something to celebrate. Eevee laid down and began eating the green bone, which took her about three minutes to devour. Eevee then returned to where he saw me lay the bag of the treats down, as if she was asking for another. I told she that she could only have one and for the next week, I gave him one a day. After that, though, I began feeding him a Greenie only every other day.

Eevee has been enjoying Greenies for about 10 weeks now and he had his yearly checkup with our veterinarian yesterday. I am no longer skeptical. The vet informed me that I will not have to pay the usual $95.00 teeth cleaning charge. She said Eevee’s teeth look better than they did at his last visit and she wanted to know what she had been eating to get his teeth looking like they do. Even she was amazed to hear that an every other day treat would accomplish what the Greenies appear to have done for my dog.

So Greenies have won me over as the doggy treat/dental tool of choice in our home. Although they aren’t what I would consider inexpensive, the treat is worth every penny to me. Not only did they save me a dental cleaning charge from the vet’s office, more importantly, they saved me from the worry of having my beloved puppy put under anesthetic.

In my opinion, Greenies are a worthy investment in your dog’s health. If your dog is anything like mine, they will celebrate each time you feed them their Greenie.