Have You Lost Your Dog? Tips to Get Your Pet Home Quickly

No one likes losing a family pet. It can be devastating to realize that the family dog has run away or is lost. If you have lost your dog, you can find him or her. Many times you come home to realize that something simple like the gate not being shut properly has led to your pet becoming lost. The panic sets in and you hope that you will see your dog again. There are some techniques that you can use that will help your dog come back home more quickly.

Lost Your Dog? Personal Checklist

Lost Your Dog

First and foremost, you need to not panic. If you wan’t to find your dog, you need a level head. That starts with preparing yourself. The worst case scenario is your best friend may be gone. Best case is your friend is taking a lap around the block and will be home before you move onto the next section.

Before You Start the Search

  • Take a Deep Breath
  • Check to See How Your Dog Got Out
  • Leave a Note on the Door – So if someone brings your dog back you can be contacted.
  • Grab a leash, paper and a pen.
  • Make sure you have your ID and Cell Phone.

This is essential. Before you leave the house to search you need to make sure you are ready. Compose yourself. Find the direction that the dog could have gone in. Leave a note so if a stanger finds scruffy, they know how to contact you. The leash is to get a grip on the dog when found. Paper and pen is to leave your information with neighbors and dog parks. ID and Cell Phone is if the dog is at a shelter or pound.

Begin The Search

The first thing that you should do as a preventative measure is to try to contact your local pet organization. This could be something like a humane society or the local animal shelter. Typically these services get lost pets when people find them as it’s a good place to drop them off. If they have a good description of your pet and know your number, you will be notified if they find your pet. This helps you get your dog back more quickly.

Typically your dog will be running around the neighborhood with the intention of coming back home later. When you start off on your neighborhood search, be sure that you grab something that your dog loves like a squeaky toy. This sounds can be heard far away and will notify your pet that you are close by.

When you are doing the neighborhood search, try to ask those around if they have seen an animal that fits the description of your pet. This doesn’t have to be every neighbor. Everyone once in awhile ask those who are outside if they saw your pet that day. This can help narrow down the search area.

If you haven’t found the pet in the initial day that he or she has run away, turn to the internet. Use local community services to put up posts of your missing pet. This could a community website or even the local Craigslist site for your area.

Finish the Search


If you lost your dog, it is not the end of the world. He or she can be found. It starts with getting ready. Go out and look, most likely he or she has not gone far. If all else fails, post on local websites and groups. After 24 hours, it is best to keep an eye on shelters and pounds, while refreshing local facebook and craigslist pages.