The housebreaking rules for your puppy luv

Welcome to pet haven


Helping your pet to be part of the family entails you to do some housebreaking. Naturally, dogs like to be neat as well, so as soon as you give your pet a special spot in the house, the happier he will become. Your dog would love to have a nice place to sleep and there’s no better way to do that than get him some nice dog bed covers for his little bed. Before anything, you should consider a highly durable weave nylon that doesn’t rip off easily in case he chews it. So, what else do you need when you let the dog inside the house?

The inevitable


First, start by putting some newspapers and telling your pet dog that it belongs to him. Be as affectionate as you can possibly be and once you see him doing the right thing, gently pat him to signify your consent. In case your dog starts making some mistake, take your dog to the newspaper set on the floor right away to let him finish the job right where he’s suppose to. This will soon give your puppy the idea that he should do his business there and not on the dog bed covers.


Sweet routine


Soon after he catches up on the routine with a little mishap, it’s time to lessen the pieces of newspaper to a couple or single page. Doing this will reduce the clutter and will imply to your pet that there is nowhere else to go than that single spot you left. When you encourage good habits to your dog early, the more convenient it will be for all of you. Giving him his own place inside the house will also ensure that your furniture is kind of off-limits!


Finding it’s way back


Your puppy would be spending most of his time on his bed because it is where he could play digging, curling and chew with his tiny teeth and gums. But what if your pet grows already? On that case, you don’t have to buy him a new bed. Just replace its dog bed covers from time to time. It would be best to get something that’s easy to wash even if the fabric seems a little tough. Wearing and tearing is a normal process but there are specially designed to last for years.