Using Pictures Of All Dog Breeds to Find the Right Dog

Owning a dog is just like you are also having your own kids. It needs shelter, food, lasting companionship and unconditional love as well. However, just like humans, dogs have also temperaments and they can also obtain stress. That is why it would be ideal to consider a lot of things before owning a dog as your pet.


By looking at pictures of all dog breeds, you can simply say that these dogs are manageable and with the right kind of food and shelter, these dogs will then be satisfied. But this concept is totally wrong. You must first study every breed of dogs and understand their personalities first. You must also need to talk to actual dog breeders, owners and also other experts that handle dogs.


It is easy to fall in love with a dog by looking at pictures of all dog breeds. So we decided to help you out!


Pictures of all dog breeds (As many as we could find!)

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Now that you have seem just about all the copy write free pictures of all dog breeds, lets dive into ownership tips.


Factors to consider when getting a dog:

Other factors you need to take note of are the financial impact, lifestyle and grooming considerations.

  • Financial impact. Keep in mind that having a dog companion also adds expenditures for you. Aside from food and shelter, you need to take him to do regular checkups, vaccinations, medications if sick and supplements intake as well.
  • Lifestyle. You must also need to change your lifestyle if you have a dog in your house. You must learn to be considerate and patience. Dogs are not humans hence, they can poop anywhere in your house, pet hairs stick to your carpets, their furs are all over the place, their smell is also in the air and expect some of your things will be broken. Dogs are like kids; they are playful at time and runaway if they are scared. You must be prepared on this kind of situation because this is really the real case scenario of having a dog in the house.
  • Grooming considerations. Humans clean regularly and so as the dogs, too. They need to be properly groomed in order to maintain their health especially hairy dogs. You need to take care of them such as getting rid of fleas and ticks as these will lowers their energy which causes them to become weak. They also need to take a bath and wash them with a specific soap and shampoo to maintain their furs clean and healthy. If you don’t have time to do such things, you can bring them along in a dog clinic and have them cleaned.

Aside from these three factors, you must also need to consider who will take care of them while you are away. This person must also have the passion to take care of your dog like their own. Dogs also need exercise so you need to bring him along the park or any place where you can walk together some time. Since they are just like kids, they need a playmate and you need to be ready for it.

Children who want to own a dog

If you want to own a dog for your children, there are also some things you need to remember. They say that small breeds of dogs are ideal for children but the fact is not. Based on dog experts, children are discouraged to own small dog breeds as there are always instances that children may accidentally drop the dog and causes the dog to injure especially during the play.

It would be ideal to choose medium sized dog breeds so that they easily play with. These types of dog breeds are also known to be well-mannered and quiet. These dogs are also famous for being patient to children, calm, affectionate, sweet-natured and playful. Examples of these dogs are beagles, King Charles spaniel and corgi. This is not just perfect for the children but it is also ideal for the whole family.

People who have allergies

Needless to say, dog do shed their hairs and this usually scatters all over your place. If you want to own a dog and you have a member of the family who happen to have allergy, always pick a dog that do not sheds of its hair or produce any dog dander. A dog dander is a mixture of shed hairs, skin, saliva and urine.

One of the most ideal dogs to consider is the poodle. Poodles are not just non-shedding but they are also highly-intelligent. It also comes in sizes – standard, toy and miniature. Bichon Frise and maltese are also one and are also recommended for people who have asthma.

Living space

You must also consider your living space. If you are living in small spaces like apartments, choose a dog that does not require bigger space and needs little exercise only. Choose a dog that does not usually bark as it will disturb your neighbors. An example of it is the miniature long-haired dachshund. This type of dog loves to sleep on your lap and they are already satisfied playing in mere places. A shih-tzu and Yorkshire terrier is also recommended.

People who wants companion

If you want to have a dog to be your companion, choose a dog that fits your manner of living. For active people, choose a dog that is sporty and active as well. If you only want to have someone you can cuddle around, choose a companion dog that is compassionate, well-mannered and gentle. An example of a companion dog is the bichon prise and this has been known for centuries to be a loving and devoted companion dog.

Consider the gender of the dog

You must also need to evaluate yourself if you want a male or a female dog. Each gender has different characteristics as well. This also depends on your purpose. Would you like to have a dog as your companion, playmate of your children or for breeding?

If you want to breed a dog, there are also things you must consider. You must have the capability to take care of the pups including during the mating season and pregnancy. If you have no idea on how to breed a dog, it is best to join related trainings and seminars first.