How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have
Everybody needs to take care of their teeth. There are so many reasons aside from the obvious fact that they will look dirty and that would be really embarrassing. Dirty teeth can cause tooth decay and cancer. These sicknesses can lead to more serious complications both in the digestive track and the immune system.

This is not just true for us humans; even dogs would need dental care because they too can have serious diseases. The truth is that dogs are more prone to digestive track illnesses because of the nature of their eating. The good news is dogs can have their dental care both at home and in professional centers.

The Toothbrush

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have
It does not matter how many teeth do dogs have. The important thing is that they are brushed daily, just like human teeth needs to be. There are a lot of pet care stores that sell toothbrush for dogs so you can always look them up. The toothpaste usually comes with it. Make sure that you will not use toothpaste designed for humans as a substitute if you don’t have dog toothpaste because there are some ingredients that are harmful to their health.

You also have to remember that brushing a dog’s teeth should always be mild and soft. You can’t go hard on them even if you can clearly see the plaque forming in all possible places. This is very dangerous for the dog and for the one doing the brushing. Annoying the dog can cause him to bite you.

Tips on Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have
Dogs are living organisms. You cannot just brush them up and don’t expect them to fight back. This means that you would have to be very familiar with the dog before deciding that you will do the brushing. This is very important so as to prevent dog bits. You can also ask the professionals to do it for you.

Remember that you will be forced to put your hand inside of a dog’s mouth so you would also have to be extra careful. The dog’s mouth can be very sensitive so make sure that you can clearly see what you are brushing.

They will surely put up a fight especially if we are talking about grown up dogs. Just like humans, training a dog for hygiene is best to start when they are young and easy to train. This will allow you to condition them to that particular action. This will prevent the dog from fighting back.

For old dogs, you can start by wiping their teeth with cloth. This is just an exercise to make them feel comfortable when your hand is inside their mouths. This will allow you to condition them for the next phase which is the toothbrush itself.

Having dogs is a big responsibility. They are not just inside the house for the sake of temporary cuteness. This means that they will also need some care from the other members of the family. They will also need some medications especially the dental health since it is the one that is commonly ignored.