How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas – What You Should Know

There are times that your dog would bring some of their friends to play in the house and it just so happen that those friends are some blood sucking, tiny and totally persistent pests that would probably cause you a big problem. That unwelcome guest that your dog could bring in the house is commonly known to us as fleas and this is not really a good idea at all.

With that, you may surely wonder on the different things that you can do to successfully get rid of them. Fleas could be really persistent and you need to have a lot of patience to get started on this. So, to help you with your problem, you may want to know how to get rid of dog fleas below.


Having a Flea Bath for Your Dog

One of the most common ways that is being considered by many people to easily get rid of the fleas in their house is to get started in giving a bath to their dogs. This could be the quickest way that you can consider if you would like to be assured on the results you will get later on.

Choosing the Right Flea Shampoo

This could be one of the biggest challenges for you as not all the flea shampoo available in the market is the right one for you to use on your dogs and you have to carefully choose the one you are going to purchase.

The only basic reminder that you have to keep in your mind is that, any flea shampoo that might contain conventional insecticides just like the d-limonene, pyrethrins, permethrin, carbaryl or the chrlorpyrifos could harm and irritate your dog.

With that, it is ideal for you to try some of the natural insecticides. That would not cause any harm to your dog but would surely kill the fleas in them. However, it is still ideal for you to have a short visit with your vet to have a better idea on this.

To easily know what you will look for in the market, you can consider the following insecticides below:

  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Cedar Oil
  • Citrus Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

Washing the Neck of Your Dog First

It is very important for you to wash the neck of your dog before any other part with the flea shampoo that you have purchased. This would help you to avoid the fleas in jumping to the head of your dog as you take a bath. For more considerations, check the following below:

  • When the fleas had sense the water, they would immediately go to the area where it is dry.
    This is one of the best reasons on why it would be ideal for you to wet the ears, rectum, neck and the eye cavity of your dog before you go to the entire body.
  • For better result, it would be the best if you are going to keep lathering up your dog for about 15 minutes. Actually, 5 minutes could be the minimum time you need in order to clean the fleas and by doing this for about 15 minutes, you can rest assured that all of them would be gone.
  • Make sure that you are going rinse your dog with lukewarm or warm water for about few minutes, you have to cleanse and get rid of the soap and shampoo on its skin and easily remove the fleas all over its body.

Applying Flea –Killing Products

It would also be ideal if you are going to invest on different flea-killing products that could help you to easily kill the fleas in your dog and totally prevent for it to happen once again. There would be a number of flea-killing products for you to choose from like the oral medication, flea collar and a spot – on. It would be the best if you can visit your vet and know more about the spot-on treatments that you can consider for your dog.

  • If the collar would contain insect growth regulator which is being used in preventing the larvae in becoming adult, make sure that you will consider using another treatment like the spot-on product which could help you in killing the adult fleas. There are some dogs that would not want to wear collars and might tend to irritate their skin.
  • The possible strength of the spot-on treatment would depend on what your vet would tell to you so make sure that you will follow it accordingly.
  • There are some flea-killing products that would claim that they would be ideal for you to use but you have to be careful on those as there are some that is not really effective and would only irritate the skin of your dog. It is best if you can ask for the recommendations of other people you know to have better idea on the one that you are going to purchase.

Drying and Combing Your Dog’s Hair

It is important that you will keep your dog’s hair dry after the treatment because it could help in letting his skin breath and let the fleas away from it. With that, you have to carefully dry the hair of your dog with the use of a white towel that would not irritate their skin. You can also use a blower to quickly dry it but it is best to have it at least an inch away as you would not want the fleas eggs to be heated.

The flea would commonly cover with smaller hair which could allow them to hold on the fur of your dog even more. This is one of the main reasons on why you have to make use of a comb that has fine teeth which are really close enough to one another so that the flea would not slip on it. This kind of comb is already available in the market and you can purchase it for your needs.

You can also visit dog clinic for more assistance on how to take good care of dog.