How to Keep Your Old Dog Cool on a Hot Day

In the summer months, we all want to know how to keep your old dog cool. Old dogs need to be coddled more then young dogs do. Young dogs have more stamina for just about everything so the heat does not affect them as much as it does an older dog. Yet all dogs need to be protected from the heat. Never leave any dog unattended in a car if there is even a slight chance that they might get too hot. And always be aware of the temperature where ever your dog is.

How to Keep Your Old Dog Cool

how to keep an old dog cool

When it gets hot out my Labrador still wants to chase the ball. So I have to intervene and tell him that it is too hot to play ball and that he should take it easy. My Labrador thinks chasing a ball is much more important then anything else on the planet. But he is getting old and I think he is too the point where he should not chase any ball on a hot day. So I make him sit in the air conditioned house. We still play fetch the ball in the house but it is not the same. He wants to play in the big open fields.

All dogs need to be cared for. Sometimes a dog may want to play more then pay attention to his body. I always remember that if I am hot my dog probably is too. If my dog and I are not together I try to imagine what it is like where he is so I am always trying to keep track of what temperature his is in. A dog depends on us for their safety and comfort. We must always think about how they are feeling.

On really hot days I keep my dog in the air conditioned house. He is l2 years old and can’t take the heat like he used too. If it is not intolerable outside I will let him stay in the shade outside. I am always aware of what the climate and temperature is where he is.

On really hot days I put ice cubes in his water dish. He has grown to love it and looks forward to his ice. The cooler water cools him off more I am sure. Sometimes it is great to get a treat. Dogs like a special treat too from time to time.

A cool bath can be a fun cool way to beat the heat on a hot day. But I never give him a cold bath if he is over heated. It is best to let your dog cool off slowly if the dog gets over heated.

Make sure your dog is always comfortable. It doesn’t hurt to treat you dog well. Knowing how to keep your old dog cool is all about making sure your dog is comfortable. Maybe your old friend doesn’t want to go into your run some days. Or he prefers being inside the house like never before. That is a sign, your old puppy may be getting too hot.