Tips On How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

Dogs are very smart creatures that many of us wonder how they learn tricks that they perform. One of the smartest breed of dog is the Border collie. Though bred as a sheep herding dog, they are also highly favoured for dog sports competition such as agility, dock diving and obedience. They are also very smart that you can teach them numerous tricks easily.

how to teach a dog to roll over

While not all breeds of dogs are as smart as the Border collie, majority of them (even mutts) are very trainable. It is fascinating how dogs get the message that you convey on them that as if they understand what you say to them. But according to experience trainers and dog behaviourists, your canine friend communicates largely through body language or signals. However, a voice command associated with body language could be imprinted to your dog and thus, will be able to understand verbal commands.

The best stage for you to train your pooch some commands or tricks are when it is at its puppyhood starting to as early as 6 weeks. Puppies learn fast from their trainers because they are very easy to handle and are very eager and attentive to learn. Dogs do not see your training as a training instead, they perceive it as an enjoyable game between them and their masters so take advantage of this situation.

The more your dog is being attentive and attracted to you, the more you have a greater shot at teaching it some adorable tricks. Basic tricks such as sit, down, stand, shake hands, and roll over are tricks that can be easily taught to your dog and that your dog can easily learn. Of these simple tricks, teaching your dog on how to teach a dog to roll over maybe the  part where you need to get more focus but as mentioned, this is an easy trick for your dog to learn.

Bond with your dog before training begins

how to teach a dog to roll over

Training your dog is easy when you have establish a bond with your dog; at this point, your dog will be more interested on you than on any distractions like other animals and humans present around. You will be also able to recall your dog easily when being off-leashed.

When bond is establish, begin your teaching your dog by using lures like food, dog treats, toys or anything that your dog is very much interested with. First thing to do if you want your dog to learn the roll over trick is to teach it the sit command. Do this using the lure in your hand; put it above the dog’s head while moving forward a little to give the cue for you dog to sit, once the dog get the idea insert the “sit” verbal command.

While on the sit position, lure your dog again with the treat to teach it the down command by placing your hand with the lure on the ground in front of your dog’s paws and wait until your dog lay down. Insert the verbal cue “down” again when your dog learns the trick.

When your dog mastered the sit and down command, you can begin teaching the roll over trick from the down position by arching your hand with the treat over your dog’s head from left to right or right to left depending on the direction where you want your dog to roll over.

At first, you will notice your dog will follow the movements of your hand and may lay sideways instead of rolling over but be patient as this is a positive sign and soon enough your dog will be rolling over to the direction of your hand’s command and you may begin to insert “roll over to the right/left” verbal command as the training progresses.