How to Throw the Perfect Dog Party

As dogs move up the rank to the role of family member, more and more dog guardians are throwing parties for their canines. Whether it be a birthday party, a graduation party at the end of obedience school, or a holiday gathering for the pooches’ doggy daycare buddies, a dog party can be a lot of fun for two-legged and four-legged friends.

Planning a Dog Party

Dog Party

As you begin planning your party, think about how many dogs and their humans you can reasonably accommodate. Preferably, the party will be outdoors, in a fenced back yard or other areas where the dogs can be off leash. As you think about dogs to invite, remember to invite dogs that are well socialized and have responsible guardians. Make sure you invite dogs whose guardians have kept up with basic veterinary care such as having their animals spayed/neutered and vaccinated. There will be accidents as doggy guests become overly excited, so plan appropriately. Have clean-up supplies on hand and think about areas of your home in which you may not want doggy guests to go.


Decorations and Treats


In choosing decorations for your doggy party, remember to choose items that will not harm dogs and to place items you don’t want damaged out of dog’s reach. Large bones tied up with ribbons make nice decorations for a pooch party. You can allow each dog to take one of the bones home at the end of the day. Inexpensive leashes and collars, or dog bowls filled with dog treats, can also be used as table centerpieces and each dog’s human can choose one for their companion at the end of the party. Remember to provide treats for the dog’s human caretakers as well. You might give door prizes with a dog theme, such as a book about dogs, apparel featuring dogs or a dog-themed kitchen set.

Food for your Doggie Party


What’s a party — especially for a dog — without tasty dishes? You can make a cake for your dog and his canine friends, just be sure not to include chocolate. Carrot cakes seem to be a favorite among dogs. There are also “doggy” bakeries in many larger cities from which you could order a cake for your canine bash. If it’s an outdoor party, consider grilling hamburgers for your dog guests. Of course, this is not the way your dog should eat everyday, but it’s a party. Just be sure the dogs don’t overeat and go home with upset stomachs. Provide large bowls of water around the area in which you are holding the party. You’ll also, of course, want to provide some food and beverage for the humans who attend the party with their dogs.

Games all Pups Enjoy


Dogs don’t usually need a lot of help in the fun and games department. Make sure you have tennis balls, Frisbees and other toys on hand to entertain your guests and their two-legged companions. If the weather is warm and your party is outdoors, pick up a couple plastic children’s pools at your local department store and fill them with water. If the party will be indoors, hide toys and treats around the house. Mark each toy with a number and present the dog that finds it and brings it to a person with a special gift.