How to Train Your Dog to Use a Doggy Door

Training your dog to use the doggie door can be a task within itself. Especially if your dog has never used a doggie door before. Once you have your puppy trained you will have the piece of mind knowing that your house will smell cleaner, because there will be far fewer accidents. You will not have to get up at 2 am (Or like me, 4am, 6am and the occasional potty break in between scheduled wake ups)  to let your animal out, and wait for them to come back in.

The metal / plastic flaps that are on pet doors to prevent horrid weather and other animals out tend to scare dog, because of the loud banging noise they make and the unknown. Your puppy never knows if they exit the flap if a raccoon will be outside or a mountain of bacon. It takes repetition to train a dog to realize that nothing bad will happen if they go out of  a dog flap.  It will take a little bit for them to get used to the noise. Most dogs are uncertain of the door at first. Then they realize this is how they can go outside.

Training your beloved dog to Use a Doggy Door

Doggy Door

If your dog backs away from the pet door, this is the first sign that they want nothing to do with your newly installed dog door. If anyone else watches American Housewife, you know a dog door is not an easy thing to install and trust your dog to go outside. Well, done with casual analogies, lets get to the brass tax. A few super simple tips will help your pupper  go outside and to use your doggie door. Start by reassuring them, and inch them closer until you are by the door. Keep in mind getting mad or yelling will not help the situation. The animal will become frightened, possibly start cowering, and they might think that they did something wrong.

Push your dog gently through the door. Do this a few times to see if they get the gist of it. The last time that your dog goes through the door leave him out there for a little while and try to coax them back inside. Some animals still might not know what to do; they might even stay out there for awhile. Lift the flap up a little to show your dog this is the way you come in.

When your animal is still outside put food by the door out of reach so that they have to come all of the way in. Pretty soon, they are going to start getting hungry and thirsty. Instead of using their dog food put some cheese or maybe even a hotdog down. This will most likely get their attention, and help bring them inside.

Another thing to try is if any of your friends or family has a dog, which is able to use the doggie door, ask them to come over. When your animal watches the other dog use the door they are bound to follow. This is a great reassuring tool to use. This will show your families pet that this is ok.

This could take awhile for the dog to master. It will basically depend on the personality of your dog, and the reassurance you are providing your animal. After the family pet masters this he will be in and out non-stop. If you have indoor cats that you want to keep indoors you will need to watch them, because they also can pick up that this door leads outside.