Make Your Own Dog Bed

Teaching your dog to do tricks and follow some simple housebreaking rules will take a little while. But did you know that you could make your own dog bed in no time? And since having a dog haven is part of the things you will need before your dog gets the whole idea of what you want, providing a bed is just as important as feeding, bathing, and playing with your pet. Outdoors, your dog will usually go off and play with other dogs while chasing away cats and birds. If the dog is indoor all the time, you have to give him an ample amount of space to move around or the dog bed should be at least good enough.



So, what are the things you really need to make your own dog bed? Perhaps you already know that there are many ways to make out of reusable materials. There goes the sturdy bed frame out of wooden drawers and crates as well as the comfy cushion out of your tattered pillows. It is a lot better to create your own instead of buying one that your pet will soon outgrow or chew to pieces.



If you still have a large space inside the house, it would be appropriate to make a playpen at the corner. You can enclose it with dainty white wooden fences so your dog can move around to play and hop over to get in and out easily. In fact, you can make your own dog bed at one corner of the fence standing as the frame for the other side. All you need now is an old wooden center table for the deck. Stick it close beside the fence so the mattress won’t fall or slip off.




Your dog should also have some place to nap when he’s outside playing in the garden. For that, you can use a plastic storage box and some old newspaper for the lining. That way, you don’t have to worry for its getting wet from the rain or garden sprinklers since it’s plastic. The newspapers on the other hand are easily disposable. Of course, if your dog has a cozy doghouse outdoor, then perhaps a cozier bed will be a lot more appropriate such as an oak barrel used for the wine. Barrels can be cut down in half for a round bed or use as a whole on parallel position to serve its double purpose as a doghouse and bed in one!