How to Make a Dog Bed

Don’t bite anythin’


Wouldn’t it be nice if your puppy don’t chew up your shoes, slippers and furniture around the house? In a short time, your dog will likely lose its enthusiasm for chewing anything if he has a chewable nylon bone stuck on his bed. This is one of the clever ways on how to make dog bed that your dog will truly love to settle for. It is also important that at the start, you should emphasize to your dog which places are off bounds.

Rummage some old goodies


There are many tips to consider on how to make dog bed and stuffs like that. Many instructions come in sewing pattern for the quilted mattress for the dog bed cover while some just simply rely on recycled means. Both can be an ideal bed option for your pet as the mattress is cozy and portable while a bed frame from recycled object is easier and practical than purchasing a real bed. Here

Is some list of the things, which a dog bed can be made of:


  • Old wooden table
  • Fleece cushion
  • Stuffed fabric for quilting
  • Old knitted sweater
  • Vintage suitcase
  • Drawer
  • Shelf/closet space used as deck
  • Wooden crate
  • Barrel
  • Woven laundry basket




How to make dog bed out of these things is quite easy since you probably have any of the listed above items at home. As you can see, even an old pillow can already serve its purpose for cushioning any of the bed frames you choose to make. Other than that, it is also good for mobility if you want to let the dog sleep at every corner he chooses. Lugging the pillow around is simpler than keeping it fixed at a certain spot. However, if you don’t like any clutter, it would be nice to build a heavy-duty frame or come up with a reconditioned supply to use as a frame.




Using a wooden crate is the most conceivable thing to consider on how to make dog bed out of discarded materials. Crates are already slightly elevated so you don’t have to create any more legs to raise it above the floor. The crate is essentially good for the airflow so that the bed cushion won’t smell stuffy and will have enough room to dry in case it gets wet. Wooden crates look presentable as it is but you can add colour to it for style.