Names of Dog Breeds: Smallest Dog Breeds

Smaller dogs are easier to handle. They are light, a bit messy, but not as messy as the big ones. They are so adorable and friendly. They are sometimes called the toy breed. Usually, it is owned by sophisticated women, or little ladies and small children. They are really small so the only downside of these breeds is for the owners to be extra careful and watch those steps because you might step on them.

Being small is one of the qualities that a lot of dog owners really want because of several reasons:


    • Easy to handle and carry around
    • They are less messy than other breeds
    • They are cuddly and comfortable
    • Very playful and loyal
    • The owners spend less in feeding them
    • they can be crossbred with other small doggies easily


There are also downsides in taking care of a smaller dog; here are some challenges that owners might encounter owning one.

SMallest Dog Breeds


    • They are hard to find in the house
    • You have to be extra careful in looking after them because they might get lost easily
    • They are highly sensitive dogs, especially to change in weather and loud noise
    • They have to be groomed all the time
    • They are relatively harder to train than large dogs, but very trainable


Here are some of the petite extremely small names of dog breeds, and they are not puppies, they are actually adults already.

The Smallest Dog Breeds Are:




These are animated dogs that look more like a pompom. They are the smallest member of the Spitz family; they are also related to Keeshonds, the Chow chows and the Eskimos. They have a very foxy like expression, very alert and have that adorable very outgoing kind of personality. They have curled tailed and pricked ears, and have this very dense double coat. The weight is so light; it is just about 3 to 7 lbs, although some types can grow bigger than that. They are actually very efficient in begging for table scrap food.


The Brussels griffon

Very naughty and extremely charming, this is the perfect description of a griffon. Ancestors are the terriers, pugs and the toy spaniels. They are a bit spicy in temper and most of the times are nice. They are highly recommended indoors but enjoys walks all the time. If you are the type of a smooth rough edged kind of man or woman, these precious ones are perfect for you. They weigh at about 8 to 12 pounds.


Japanese chin


They are the coveted entertainers. They will definitely put on a show for its owners, but are really very shy around strangers. They are around 8 to 11 inches in height when standing and weighs at around 4-7 lbs. Their coats are silky and need constant grooming but are relatively easy to care for. They are bright and very affectionate.




They are known for its small stature but big ears.  They actually hold the title of the world’s smallest dog at around 6 lbs in weight. They are of Mexican breed, and not all of them are relatively small, some are of regular size. They are compatible to any size of homes, and they get their exercise by just running around the house. Their coat has 2 relative types: some have short and some have longer coats. They are also very bitty types, so be careful with furniture and shoes around the house.


Yorkshire Terrier


This one is the big explorer in a tiny package. They are extremely curious bunch. They are actually classified as a toy breed.  They weigh at around 7 lbs but do not get caught with the size because these bunches are much like big dogs in activities. They are explorers, so they go around all the time, it is relatively hard to ground them, and somehow they are actually headstrong breeds. They come in a beautiful coat of blue and gold. He is a common companion dog and loves the outdoors so much.




These little ones are the strongest bunch. They are regarded as a small athlete type of dogs. They are named Papillon because of their butterfly like ears. They are a member of the spaniel family. These bunch are highly intelligent too and very active at that. They are actually a perfect choice if you want an easy to handle buy athletic type just like you dog. They stand at around 8-11 inches tall, and weigh t around 4-9 lbs.


Kaninchan Dachshund


They are typically attention getters, and are extremely loyal canines. They actually come in two sizes the standard ones and the miniature ones, and in Europe there is the third type – the kaninchen, which actually means little rabbit. They actually weigh at around less than 11 lbs, and these babies are also amazing head turners.




These bunches are the courageous ones, fearless at that. They are also intelligent in nature and are really gentle ones. They look flashy and classy because of its long white cloak. They are very playful in nature and leaves enchantments to owners. They are extremely loveable and are fast-learners. They are very easy to train as long as you have a lot of treats. They are easiest to handle among the small dogs, and you can carry them anywhere anytime with ease.

Toy Poodle


These types of dogs are the clown ones. They are very fun in nature but just as fun and active as the others. There are larger types of poodle, and the toy poodles are the smaller ones. They were once a circus performer, so they are more likely becoming she dogs and companion dogs. They also excel in many sports, especially in agility and obedience contests.  The coat comes in many different colors. They are around 10 inches or even smaller than that and weighs at around 4-8 lbs.


Toy American Eskimo


This breed was born in the United States, but they are never an Eskimo dog. They are actually bred from some Spitz gene breeds like German Spitz and the Keeshunds. They are the coveted trick performers during the 19th century, and they are extremely beautiful. They come in mini and standard sizes, but the little ones are the most adorable ones; around 9-12 inched in height and 6-10 lbs in weight.