Why You Need the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

Oftentimes, your pet dog is able to take care of himself. Normally, he will just lick his wound and it will heal on its own. However, nature did not predict everything and you may need to make a vet visit. That is why finding the best pet insurance for dogs is important.

Some dogs will break a leg or maybe attack a porcupine and get needled up. Dogs do suffer from shock if they get hurt; their hearts beat faster but becomes weak. If you don’t have any idea on which first aid to apply, it is important to bring the dog straight to the vet. There are best pet insurance for dogs that cover these emergency situations, as some may be necessary for the vet to suture the cut.

Health Emergencies to Justify Insurance


  • Distemper
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Accidental food poisoning


Every canine owner should consider looking for the best pet insurance for dogs. It gives you peace of mind in case a sudden injury or a certain illness sets in. Some health insurance these days gives the most comprehensive coverage for accident and sickness. They can provide lifetime plans or standard polices that would suit your dog’s needs.

There are even mobile apps to keep you posted to keep up with your highly advanced lifestyle. Pet health insurance also covers for wellness essentials to keep your dog in best possible shape throughout his lifespan. It is best that your pet’s safeties are in good hands.

Here is the basic wellness care for pets:

It is not enough to take your dog for a walk or build a dog run. You need regular check ups and examinations. 


  • Fleas and ticks disinfection/extermination
  • Deworming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye care
  • Tooth care
  • Vaccination


No exceptions when it comes to Puppy Care

best pet insurance for dogs

So, as you can see even the best-cared-for pets are not spared from worms. Some worms are easy to get rid off particularly for puppies. But if you are uncertain what type of worm is infecting your pet, some microscopic tests may be required. Your dog’s ears can also be prone for ear cankers, which may need for periodic cleaning to avoid infection. Puppies meanwhile need immunization to protect him from diseases that can be contracted from other pets.


Therefore, knowing the symptoms early is still the best prevention than cure. You should consider choosing the best pet insurance for dogs available before it’s too late. Other than daily brushing, neat quarters, regular exercise and steady nourishment, make the smart decision for your dog’s future.


Top 10 Companies to find the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

Not all companies are reliable. These are ten we or friends have used which actually paid out on claims easily. I trust these companies taking care of my loyal companion, my dog


  1. Pet Premium
  2. ASPCA
  3. PetPartners
  4. VPI Pet
  5. Pets Best
  6. PetFirst
  7. Embrace
  8. Trupanion
  9. PetPlan
  10. HealthyPaws
Pet Insurance Justification 

The bottom line is, in the long run, pet insurance should cover your expenses. You will lose money with most plans until your dog needs serious help. Why? These plans have deductibles. Which with just a regular check up every year you will not spend enough to use your insurance. 

The exception is when something serious happens. My most recent dog, a labradoodle,  had a spell of chronic bladder infections. Being a bit paranoid, I had every test done. Blood work, fecal examination and antibiotics. After about half a dozen trips to the vet I easily saved money with this plan. 

On the flip side you have breeds like Golden Retrievers. I find issues where the Golden Retriever will eat something they shouldn’t, or end of life care. Either way, it is cost effective to carry insurance all my dogs life as I will recoup the money unless my dog peacefully passes in his or her sleep. 

Pet insurance is cheap, compared to insurance for people. Lower deductibles as well. The best benefit is the peace of mind. For a few dollars a month you know if something happens your best friend will be find. Definitely worth it. The Best Pet Health Insurance for Dogs is one you can afford and with a decent cap to cover emergencies like a broken leg.