Photos of Dog Breeds: Why You Need It – Learn More

The Man’s Best Friend



Dogs have been the companion of the people since the old centuries and in today’s generation. No matter how much you deny it, still the essence of dogs in the lives of the people is overwhelming; this is why they have been named as the man’s best friend. Dogs are irrefutably friendly in nature and are cuddly. They are also loyal and hardworking. Yet depending on the type of breed, usually dogs have distinct personalities from being too energetic to being a home buddy.

Different types of Dog Breeds



Dog breeds are categorized into various types according to the American Kennel Club. These categories depend on the personality and the behavior of the dog. This includes sporting dogs, hound dogs, working dogs, herding dogs, terriers, non sporting group, and the toy dogs. Each of these dogs have different personalities that fit perfectly to their purpose and to the kind of life you are living.

  • Sporting Group

These types of dogs are very active and likable at the same time. In contrast to their active nature, these dogs are sweet which makes them excellent as a family dog especially with kids. In addition, sporting dogs have great instincts especially at woods and the water, thus they are good as a hunting companion. If you decide on having one, always take note that these dogs need constant exercise. This group comprise of retrievers, setters, pointers, and spaniels.

  • Hound Group

This group is hard to distinguish basing on its characteristics since hounds have diverse personality. Nevertheless, hounds group are outstanding in the scent section. They can easily track things and even people though their scent, thus this dogs are excellent in hunting. So if you’re planning to have one, prepare to have a very curious, on-the-go dog especially when you’re walking in the park.

  • Working Group

These dogs are very intelligent and love to be trained. They are bred to work with men such as pulling of sleds and performing rescues. They are strong dogs and just love to work hard. Among the most popular breed in this group are the Doberman Pincher, Great Dane, and Husky. Now if you want to have a working dog, then you better be outgoing, adventurous, and does have a large backyard. You cannot let this dog stay at home all day long.

  • Herding Group

From the word “herding”, these dogs are excellent in controlling the movement of any living things especially other animals such as farm animals. Best examples are the Corgi and the Australian Shepherd. These dogs can be great companions at the farm and the household. Even if you so do not manage a farm, herding dogs are admirable as a household pet. It can take care of the children by controlling its movement on moving to dangerous places especially when it’s properly trained.

  • Terrier Group

If you will search anywhere, you will find that terrier dogs have been on the top issue of dog ownership. Why? Basically, terriers are very lively, always full of energy. Also, they are not friendly with other dogs. They are not fond of the presence of other dog pets and does have a little tolerance with them, thus terriers have a huge issue for people. However, despite its quirky and lively personality, many still love this kind of dog because of its natural cuteness. So if you’re planning to take one, prepare for intense energy consumption each day.

  • Non Sporting Group

This group is very diverse from the look, coat, color, and personality. They are not great as a sporting material even though they have strong body, thus you will usually see them in most households. This group is only known for its diverse look and sturdy body.

  • Toy Group

As the word “toy” implies, toy dogs are small and cute at the same time, thus are great in an area with small spaces. You will commonly find these dogs in apartments because they love to stay in one place or sleep in your lap and stay cute. But take note that toy dogs have noisy barks and tough personalities.

Dogs on Photos

Dogs have been very much popular in the internet today. A lot of dog photos have become viral due to its cuteness and the natural fondness of human beings to dogs. But what really is the purpose of these photos especially the photos of dog breeds? Have you ever wondered that? Here are few of the reasons why dogs breed pictures are very essential.


dog proof

  • Photos represent more. It is undeniable that sometimes words of description aren’t enough particularly in the case of dog breeds. If you are looking for the best breed for you, commonly the internet is your primary source. There are numerous descriptions of a certain breed yet it is still much better to look for its photo and decide whether you like the pet from its personality to its external look. The best example for this is the Bulldog due to its unique cute look that not most of the people are fond with.

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  • Photos represent more love. Because there are a lot of photos now in the web, it has now become the medium of expression of the love of these pets. There are a lot of dog breeds pictures that are with their distinct families in a portrait, parties that have costumes, and even simple everyday dog activities. These pictures represent more the love the owner and the demonstration of the personality of a certain breed in a specific home.


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  • Photos bring joy. Don’t deny the fact that dog photos of different breeds are joy bringer. According to most psychology experts, dogs can be a stress reliever especially for those who are sick, thus dogs have been used on certain therapy sessions. From this fact, you cannot pull apart the effect of the photos that it brings to the people particularly for those cute and happy dogs.

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So why wait for the actual dog if you could have one from photos? Search for web and simple benefit to its cuteness.