Pulsatilla as an Herbal Remedy for Dogs

Pulsatilla is a wind flower plant from which a homeopathic medicine is obtained. This medicine has a history of benefiting mood swings. This is effective in problems associated with phlegm and mucus, pain and gynecology. Pulsatilla is an herbal remedy for dogs specifically in treating them from jealousy or demand more due attention. It’s believed in homeopathic world that this flower lowers the feelings of jealousy while keeping the dogs calm. It is also great for skin issues.

Pulsatilla is actually a Pasqueflower found abundantly in Europe and America. It is thought to bring emotional balance, and resolve behavioral problems especially in animals. This is excellent as an herbal remedy for dogs possess strong support from homeopathic experts.

Pulsatilla and Homeopathic Importance


People use homeopathic medicines to treat their pets that have different physical and mental ailments. These homeopathic treatments are just like those of humans. Homeopathic treatments are based at theory that disease should be cured at first instead of dealing with the symptoms.

Dogs and Pulsatilla

Dog owners who are worried about attention seeking habit of their dogs may find Pulsatilla as an herbal remedy for dogs. Many homeopathic experts recommend this herb for treating nervousness., skin sensitivity or painful joints. Pulsatilla also works well for phantom pregnancy issue.

Pulsatilla and Treatment

Pulsatilla is used in homeopathic medicines as diluted form. These medicines are available as pills or liquids at pharmacies or health stores.

Advantages of Using Pulsatilla

Homeopathic medicines lower the chances of side effects to appear along with minimizing unintended poisoning. Pulsatilla remains successful in following ways:

• Calm strained nervous system of dogs
• Helps extra possessive nature of dogs
• Gynecological reasons of dogs
• Treats skin issues of dogs

Things to Consider when using Pulsatilla

Homeopathic critics are of the view that Pulsatilla as an herbal remedy for dogs is not a long term treatment for serious diseases faced by dogs. Doses used are little and hardly cause any positive effects over dogs. They say that dog owners may suffer from serious loss about their pets if they let the diseases go without treatment and rely over just homeopathic claims. It’s a fact that homeopathic treatments don’t have any scientific record of successfully curing the ailments in pets.