Relieve Your Dog of Joint Pain

Does your dog suffer from joint pain? Whether it is from old age, arthritis, or hip dysplasia, there is home remedies and medications that can help your dog feel like new!

How to Relieve Your Dog of Joint Pain

Relieve Your Dog of Joint Pain

Step One:

Lay your dog down on a flat comfortable surface (bed, doggie bed, blankets, etc.). Allow him (or her) to make himself comfortable.

Step Two:

Start to VERY lightly rub the area in a circular motion. Start out light, and as you gain trust, you can add more pressure.

Step Three:

If your dog does not fall asleep to the massage, you can go on to the next step: ice or heat. Most dogs prefer one or the other, try them both out with your dog to find his or her preference. Lay the pad on the injured area (wrapped in a towel of course) and massage with the pad.

Step Four:

For extreme circumstances, take your dog to the vet and get medication. There are several anti-inflammatory pills and pain relievers specifically for your dog.

Step Five:

For daily comfort get your dog an orthopedic bed. I suggest finding one on sale because they can be rather pricey. This one at PetSmart is between 70 and 100 dollars depending on the size!

Step Six:

During the warmer months, find somewhere for your dog to swim. Swimming is a great exercise for dogs with joint pain, and it can actually help them feel better as well!!

Six Easy Steps

Most ways to Relieve Your Dog of Joint Pain is preventative. Limit calcium intake while your dog is young and make sure to follow our six easy steps!

To relieve your dog of joint pain you do not need to be the best dog owner, but just need to plan ahead. Planning is not that difficult to do. Some steps, like a massage, may sound daunting but are not as bad as you think.