So Many Types Of Dog Breeds For All Kinds Of People

Almost everyone in the world has a pet dog. These animals are known to be man’s best friend as they can be the best companions you can ever get. Dogs can grow more attached to their human owner than a human man or woman can get to their spouse. These animals crave human touch for affection and so many parts of their lives rely on human help.

Not only do dogs rely much on humans but the human race can also depend a lot on their animal companions. These furry creatures are there for their owners should the human be craving some hugs and cuddles. Or a few kisses maybe. They can serve as the best friend of any human that will listen to your rants and be can be there for you whenever you need them. In short, the dog really is man’s best friend.


For people who want to own a dog, it would be a difficult decision for you to choose what kind of dog would fit you. There are many breeds of dogs that all have different personalities, tastes, and looks. Just like a person looking for a human best friend, you would need to take into consideration a few things about the breed of a dog before you buy one.


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Some types would require more attention than other breeds. For example a furry Shih Tzu would need to be groomed more often than a Dachshund because of how much fur they have. Some dogs are really meant to be human companions to stay at home with while others are more of the dogs that would want you to walk them around the town every other day. Then also you would need to look for dogs according to exactly what you want: small, medium, or big dogs.


Types of Dogs Breeds according to Size

If you’re into what the public is looking for, below are some of the most loved dog breeds you could get. Breeds mentioned below are popular everywhere either because of how well they can take care of their owners or simply how cute and attractive they look.


  • Small Dogs


So if you’re looking for small dogs that you can keep in your lap while you read a book or work on your computer, you could try getting a Chihuahua. This breed of dog usually produces the smallest dogs in the world because they really are so tiny. But don’t let their size fool you; this breed of dog is very feisty, confident, and cocky. They could be good watch dogs as they are quick to bark. They also love being petted and scratched so they could be the best lap dog for anyone even children.


Another breed of dog that just loves to be petted would be the Shih Tzu. This breed of dog is also known to have really long beautiful locks you can play with a fix up if well taken care of. This small dog is very lively and playful toward anyone. This dog will love to just sit in your lap and give you cuddles and kisses which makes them the perfect lap dogs. This small, sweet dog shouldn’t be taken for granted though because they are also confident and know very well how to stand up for themselves.


  • Medium-sized dogs


Of course, after small size there would be medium. Many, if not most, of the medium sized dogs are bred to work or run. A very popular medium sized breed would have to be the Siberian husky. This dog was born to be a sled puller in the snow. They love to run and, just like a child, they crave affection and attention. They can become really cuddly as time goes on as long as you get great training started early because these breeds wouldn’t mind destroying some of your furniture.


Though some of these dogs may look intimidating they are actually very friendly. So if you want this breed as a guard dog, they can scare people off with their size and face but they would only try to lick you a burglar to death. Another dog similar to the Husky would be the Samoyed. This dog also loves to run around and work a bit. This dog is also very energetic and craves to be hugged and cuddled by their owners.


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If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog to keep you safe, try looking out for a Chow Chow. These dogs are small and cute when they’re young but as they get older and grow closer to their owners, they start to become aggressive and protective over their owners and territory. Keep in mind to train this breed starting at a young age so that you can control their aggressive behaviour.


Another good guard dog that grows attached to their owners quick would be the Shar-Pei. This regal dog wouldn’t mind staying home and sleeping around with you providing you with cuddles and kisses. If not socialized at early ages, they will become aggressive with other people and other dogs as well.


  • Large dogs


If you’re looking for a big dog that could work as a guard dog, watch dog, is smart, and is well with kids then the German shepherd would be great for you. This breed of dog is commonly known to be police dogs because they are very intelligent and are easy to train. These dogs are also very protective of their owners and territory. This strong, athletic dog isn’t exactly the friendly type to strangers so be careful with that.


A great dog for any family could be the Golden Retriever. This popular breed of dog is very playful and friendly to people especially children. This dog is great for someone who loves to run around and play because this dog would be game to do all of that with you. He’s trustworthy and reliable which makes him a great companion.


The Labrador retriever is a close cousin to the Golden Retriever. They have many of the same qualities. These dogs just love to run around and play. They crave affection and care from their families and enjoy the company of everyone that wants to play with them.


Now if you’re looking for a great big dog, you can walk around with or maybe even ride on, then the Saint Bernard may be just for you. These big dogs are famous for being very friendly with children and almost everyone who is just as kind as them. If you’re looking for a dog that would run around with you then maybe this breed isn’t for you. But if you want a dog that’s big and cuddly then you may have found a good match.


Another very affectionate breed of dog is the Mastiff. These gentle giants just love to be hugged and nurtured. They aren’t exactly the guard dog or watch dog you may think them to be but their size is intimidating enough to scare someone away.


There are so many things other than size to take into consideration when choosing what kind of dog to buy but size is also a basis for almost everything, especially if you want a dog and don’t have a really big house or yard. More research about different types of dog breeds could help you choose what dog to buy for you and your family.