All About The Australian Kelpie Dog Breed

The Australian Kelpie is a beautiful dog breed from the great Outback. They have been one of the most noticeable of the Australian breeds of dogs because of their usual dark to light brown coat with shorter fur. Many people believe this breed is a dingo mixed with a border collie, but in actuality, this breed is from collies and English sheepdogs. Kelpies are a wonderful and entertaining breed of dog that many people tend to enjoy, not only for herding situations.

Appearance of the Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie


Kelpies have an alert presence and notable long and tall pointy ears. Their bodies are of medium stature with medium to longish legs, going down to perfect small paw pads. Being a herder type breed, their attentive face is long, with an extended snout and two deep and courageous eyes. The most common coloring of this breed is the chocolate, but there are also the tan and white mixes, as well as a rare albino white which often has yellow or even bright blue eyes.

Temperament of a Australian Kelpie

These dogs are not for everyone, although they are loved by many, they require some good hands on training. Being the energetic dog that they are, they need lots of physical movement or else they will become very tired and dire, gaining weight in the process. Some of them go the opposite direction of this and when they are bored, they will be very destructive and try to roam free around the house of their own will. Kelpies enjoy being around children and other dogs if raised with them, they will not try to make themselves a leader.

Grooming a Australian Kelpie

Since their short yet thick coat is easy to groom, Kelpies are one of the best of the herding dogs in this category. Brushing once a week is surely an adequate amount, and a bath once a month is needed. They shed mostly in the summertime and even then, its not a lot of fur to handle or deal with.

The Health of the Australian Kelpie

These dogs can gain progressive retinal atrophy, which can lead to permanent blindness when they reach senior years. This needs to get checked out on at an early age so a medication can slow down the progression of the disease. Otherwise, this breed is fit and healthy and live up to fourteen happy years with its family.

Australian Kelpie dogs are mostly known for being such a strong and hardworking breed, they are capable of moving and watching livestock, but at the same time they can make an amazing family pet with apt training.