The Best Easy to Get Products to Keep Dogs Cool

Summertime can be hard on humans, but it’s even worse on dogs. The heat that summer brings is enough to cause some dogs to have heat strokes. There are several things you can do to keep dogs cool, but there are also products you can buy to keep your dog cool. These products are affordable and essential if your dog spends long periods outside during the summer. Whether you’re taking your dog to the park or just for a walk, you should do what you can to keep them cool.

The Best Products to Keep Dogs Cool

Products to Keep Dogs Cool

(Sadly, not everyone can live in Alaska – to our dogs dismay)

My criteria for best products to keep dogs cool is simple. They must be inexpensive. You must be able to get them at a variety of places. Especially locally. When the heat wave hits you must be able to go to the store to pick up something to keep your dog cool. Not all products are the same. It is not feasible to buy a dog run large enough to have enough shade for everyone. So you need to improvise. Luckily you can find multiple items to help a puppy cool off, even if the pet store is closed.

Products to Keep Dogs Cool #1: Kiddie Pool

The classic products to keep dogs cool. A simple kiddie or small children’s pool is a perfect outdoor toy to keep a dog cool. The small kiddie pool is large enough to fit even the largest dog. Since dogs release heat via their paws, a pool is the perfect place for dog to stand to cool off. Additionally, you can fill a pool with ice and allow your puppy to lie down to just relax and cool down.

This is the easiest product to find. Any toy store will have a kiddie pool. So to most ‘all in one’ grocery stores like Walmart of Meijer. Heck, I have even seen them outside dollar generals! For those who don’t know, a dollar general is like a five below or a ‘under ten dollars – ish’ general store full of random items. This type of store is often the only store in a small town – which means anyone can get a kiddie pool in the summer to keep a dog cool.

Products to Keep Dogs Cool #2: Collapsible Water Bowl

In order to keep your dog cool, you need to supply them with enough water. If you’re going on a trip or just to a family outing, you really should bring along a collapsible water bowl. A collapsible water bowl can easily fit into your purse or luggage so that you can give your dog water at anytime. Although this may seem like a specialty dog product, it is common for runners and in running stores. As well as camping and hiking supply stores.

This means you can get a collapsible water bowl almost anywhere. Any mall or major city will have a running or camping store which will have a collapsible water bowl. Sure, you can grab it online, but in desperate times your local mall will do.

Products to Keep Dogs Cool #3: Cooling Mat

If your dog lives outdoors, a cooling mat is an essential product to own. The Cool Bed, sold at Pet Street Mall, doesn’t require electricity. All you need to do is add water to this product and it provides instant relief for your pet. Even if your dog lives inside, this is something you should consider, especially if you do not have air conditioning. A cooling mat is also easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth.

This is the hardest product to find. Typically a dog only product, but you can find cool mats typically used for Yoga. This expands your source of cooling mats to major cities and most malls. Sporting good stores will also often have cooling mats – which are a perfect reusable dog cooling source.

Which Product to Keep Dogs Cool Should You Get?

The entire point is to get what you can find. My personal favorite is the cooling mat. No frills or mess. Easiest to clear and store. Transportation is a breeze. You can buy a cooling mat online if you prefer over hunting around town. But, this is the hardest to find out of the three.

A kiddie pool is the easiest to find, and is by far most dogs favorite. It is fantastically fun for dogs to play in. Versatile due to the fact you can use ice or water to fill it. The largest negative is the kiddie pool – being preformed and plastic, tends to only fit into a full size sedan or larger vehicle. So you may need to go with something smaller. Which is where my favorite cooling mat comes into play.