The Worlds Most Popular Designer Doggy Carriers


A lot of people enjoy carrying their pet around in designer doggie carriers. This is one way in which they can be stylish and tote their dog with them at the same time. With this in mind, here are some of the designer doggie carriers that you may wish to consider purchasing.

The Most Popular Designer Doggy Carriers

Designer Doggy Carriers

Gucci Dog Bags

For those who want a classic designer look, the Gucci dog bag is the one for you. These bags are timeless, classical and luxurious all at the same time. They come with sophisticated leather trim, a signature Gucci handle and zippered openings. The inside panels are made from a comfortable, breathable mesh. There are also removable, machine washable pads and cushions that will help to make your dog feel more comfortable. This is one of the designer doggie carriers that will not go out of style.

Louis Vitton Dog Carrier 50

For those who like Louis Vitton luggage, you should know that there are Louis Vitton designer doggie carriers also available. The Dog Carrier 50 is spacious and is made from a special fabric that is both water and scratch resistant. On the outside you will find the same monogrammed canvas material wit brass accents and leather handles that you have came to love. There are also breathable mesh windows for great ventilation.

Juicy Couture Dog Carriers

Anyone who wants something more showy and less classical should look into the Juicy Couture designer doggie carriers. These are girly, frilly, glittery and quite popular because of it. They come in different shades of pink, gold or red to make you and your dog feel like a princess. Some of the great accessories include doggie doors, heart shaped windows, silver or gold accents, shoulder straps and charms.

Coach Dog Carriers

Coach is another popular manufacturer of doggie carriers. These are classic, luxurious yet girly. Most of them are chocolate brown and khaki in color with elegant pink and gold accents. Inside there is a removable, machine-washable fabric that is comfortable for your dog. Of course, there are also windows made out of mesh on the side of the carrier in order to keep your dog to breathe and to keep him cool too. You also get the true mark of the Coach bag, which is a nice brass ring that is attached to the gold leather straps. Hereon is a unique serial number, which is the true trademark of authenticity for these dog carriers.