Tips on How to Avoid Getting Roundworm Infections from Your Dog


If you have ever had a dog with roundworms, you will agree with me that it is a disgusting problem. Worms can easily spread between mutual household pets, and even to their owners if we aren’t careful. While caring for a puppy with worms, I was constantly paranoid that I was going to contract the parasite (fortunately, I didn’t).

How to Avoid roundworm infection from your Dog

roundworm infection from your Dog

Start your dog on preventative medicine from the beginning. When you get a new puppy, or even an adult dog, you should always take the animal to the veterinarian. Here, they will prescribe a general dewormer to ensure your new pet doesn’t contract an unwanted parasite in the first place. They are also likely to test your dog’s stool for parasites on your first visit. If something is detected, you will be prescribed something more specific, depending on the type of parasite.

Watch for signs that your dog is sick. You will usually notice that something is wrong, especially if you have had your pet for a while already. You may see that your dog is coughing, and even vomiting; he may have a potbelly, and you may even notice worms in his feces or vomit. If you notice any of these symptoms, get in touch with your veterinarian immediately. You will need to diagnose your pet so he can begin treatment right away, and so you can avoid passing the worms on.

Deworm your dog upon a roundworm diagnosis. Your veterinarian will be able to recommend or prescribe a type of medicine. In order to avoid contracting the parasite, or passing it on to other animals and children, you will need to get rid of them with deworming medicine. After the treatment period is over, bring a stool sample to the vet so you can make sure they truly are gone.

Clean up and dispose of your dog’s feces. When your pet defecates, it needs to be picked up immediately to avoid spreading them to other pets and children that may come along and play in the yard. Kids are more likely to contract this parasite than adults, since they seem to enjoy digging in the dirt. If you share a yard with other tenants and their pets, it is always a good idea to pick up after your dog so the other animals cannot pick up worms or any other parasite.

Teach children to wash their hands after playing with the dog. I used to wash my hands any time I touched a dog; this is especially important when that dog has ringworm. It can be hard to do when your dog lives indoors and you are constantly petting or playing with him. But as soon as you learn that your dog has worms, it is important to be extra sanitary after touching the dog or picking up feces. You don’t want to get a ringworm infection from your dog. A roundworm infection from your Dog is awful, so keep it in check!