Top 4 Low Maintenance Dogs to Keep You Company


The Top Low Maintenance Dogs to Keep You Company

low maintenance dogs

If you have a busy lifestyle but a lonely home, it sounds like you might be in search for a low maintenance dog. This is a list of sweet, cuddly creatures that will find their way into the crevices of your routine, improving your life through the little things, like coming home to a friend after a long day of work.

Whether you’re looking for a fur baby to adopt or a different breed to add to your family tree, this list may come in handy. One of these five might be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

  1. The Small and Sleepy Pug

Some people theorize that pugs were given as royal presents to families in East Asia before they ended up in Europe. Your pug is sure to treat you and your family like royalty. Pugs are sweet, affectionate, and great for kids.

Since they have short hair, they don’t require much grooming, but you need to be wary of mounds of fur ending up in your house because pugs shed a whole lot. They make up for it though, because they’re naturally friendly and they don’t need to be harshly disciplined.

An even bigger plus is their size, because small dogs like pugs don’t require much space or exercise. Pugs are especially sleepy dogs that don’t even enjoy exercise much. Just let them do as they please, and they’ll please you right back tenfold.

  1. The Large and Lazy Bulldog

A common theme among low maintenance dogs is that their absolute favorite activity in the world has got to be sleeping. Bulldogs are no exception. It’s good to take them through minimal exercise to avoid obesity, but otherwise, your wrinkly little friend will sleep still and soundly like the cutest log in the universe.

Just like pugs, they are also incredibly kind and affectionate, so they don’t require much training to get along with the rest of the family pets. They also carry the advantage of short hair so they don’t require grooming other than occasional cleaning right in between the wrinkles. A bulldog will laze around when you work and greet you gently when you arrive back home.

  1. The Playful and Eager Bolognese Dog

This low maintenance dog isn’t as quiet or lazy as the others, but it won’t demand much time from your schedule. The Bolognese dog is immune to lots of genetic health problems, so you’ll avoid a lot of vet visits by keeping one in your home.

If you’re allergic to dogs, you can still avoid hospital visits yourself, because this breed is hypoallergenic! You won’t need to clean much of its coat off the floor, though its long hair might need a bit of grooming every so often. It’s a smart type that’s incredibly eager to please, which makes it easy to train, so it won’t take too much of your time. As a relatively tiny breed, it won’t mind the space or lack thereof in a small apartment. It’s the type of dog that takes care of you more than you need to care for it so treat it well in exchange for its nearly unconditional service.

  1. The Loyal and Loving Labrador Retriever

Many low maintenance dog breeds are small lapdogs, but what if you’re the kind that likes big hugs and cuddles from a gentle giant? Labradors aren’t enormous, but they’re considerably bigger than the tiny breeds in this list.

A family favorite, Labradors are loyal and affectionate, as well as incredibly empathetic. They do require a bit more exercise than a small dog, but it’s a good trade-off for all the grooming that you won’t have to do. They’re also relatively healthy dogs and don’t require a whole lot of visits to the vet. Just keep their ears clean and their smiles wide, and you’re in for a sweet, cuddly gift that just keeps on giving.

Of course, all dogs need some love and care, as all humans do. However, the time you put in for your new friend will always be worth the love they give right back to you. For most low maintenance dog breeds, it’s in the little things, like feeding before work, and greeting them when they wait at your door to welcome you home.

Picking one of the best Low Maintenance Dogs

low maintenance dogs

Every type of low maintenance dogs breed has unique advantages or disadvantages. It is most important to find a breed that fits your activity expectations. If you want to play rough with your dog a lot, you need to go with a larger breed like a lab. If you just want a cuddle buddy, you want to go with a small lap dog like a pug.

All four options we discuss are excellent low maintenance options. The only main factor we avoided was shedding. Although the dogs shed a low amount, they are not no shed breeds like a poodle. The reason is despite some breeds not shedding, they are higher maintenance than the breeds we have selected. It is worth getting a lab and running your vacuum daily for five minutes to avoid hours of high energy and mischievous poodle tendencies.

We also tend to find that adopted shelter dogs tend to be lower maintenance than new puppies. The reason? The only answer we could find is shelter dogs take longer to warm up to a new family. Especially if they come from poor conditions. After the dog accepts his or her new family, the dog tends to be far more mellow and destructive. The adopted dog will often settle for cuddles and affection, which when it comes to low maintenance dogs, you can’t get a better deal.