All About The Welsh Terrier

Most ‘die hard’ welsh terrier fans know that you can have nothing but fun with this breed. Among Terrier owners, the Welsh variety is known for its devotion to play. This makes this type of Terrier the ideal companion.

Welsh Terrier – The Companion Dog

Welsh Terrier

This Welsh breed is largely known for it’s brilliant ability to leap. This is an interesting ability for a dog of this size and is amusing to most people. The length of this terrier’s legs allow for a variety of tricks which other dog breeds simply can not preform. 

They do have some lofty levels of energy.  But the level of energy this breed has is not over the top like most energetic breeds. This ‘higher than normal but not over the top’ energy level can be a lot to handle. This forces dog owners to give their terrier goal oriented tasks or getting a safe and stimulating play environment. Nothing to daunting but also mentally stimulating. 

This Terrier Can Be Task Driven

The welsh terrier is surprisingly skilled with unusual tasks. They cam be taught a wide variety of tricks and tasks. This breed is fantastic at tricks that require paw eye coordination. From fetch to Frisbee. You will not witness this terrier losing a ball or missing a Frisbee. 

This canny tracking and coordination ability opens up a wide variety of useful skills. Fetch is not limited to a ball. This terrier can be trained to get what ever you want. Which can make this dog a fantastic companion. 

With a little imagination and creativity you can teach this breed to preform nearly any task. Those cute Youtube videos of dogs grabbing their owner a beer? This breed can do this without much time or effort. Thinking outside the box can make this terrier your ideal pet and companion. 

Very few dogs compare to the unique abilities the Welsh Terrier brings to the table. Amazing loyalty is not the only skill which define this breed. The unique tracking ability and coordination allow for very fun play sessions and an intelligent friend. 

A Loyal Friend

I have tossed around words like companion and friend quite a bit. But most people ignore these traits when it comes to a Welsh dog. When compared to uncanny tracking and coordination skills, loyalty is dismissed in a criminal way. This dog is extremely loyal

They are also great with kids. This is due to being intelligent and task driven. Boundaries can be set up where your terrier will not be too aggressive with children. It expands to learning any trick your child can think of. 

It is true that most dogs will not bite or hurt children when trained correctly, every dog has a limit. This terrier can establish boundaries due to its intellect and jumping ability. If the ‘this hurts’ boundary is crossed, a Welsh Terrier can get out of the situation rather than biting a child. 

Loyal, intelligent, fantastic at tracking and unique. You really can’t go wrong when looking for a dog who can be a great companion and also having the ability to learn a host of unique tricks.