All About The American Bully Dog Breed

The American Bully, is one of the most funny looking dog breeds out there. This very short and thickset breed can be mistaken as a pit bull, although they are much shorter and even much stockier. This dog’s looks can be deceiving as many pet owners find it downright scary to look at, it was actually bred to be one of the most loving companion dogs and most would not hurt a fly with their proper training.

Appearance of The American Bully Dog Breed

American Bully Dog Breed

American bullies do indeed look like a pit bull, with their large and flat heads, long jaws with a wide tongue, and two extra pointy tiny ears, if docked, otherwise they have big floppy ears. The similarities end there and the rest of their body is like that of an American bull dog except much shorter and broader. They have stout small legs, but well muscled, with an extremely broad chest and back, both wide. They come in the colors of white, brown and white spotted, red, black, and a deep sable.


Although with alarming looks that well indeed match the sight of a vicious dog, this breed is warm, happy, and compassionate. They prove that the stereotype of their looks is nothing but a myth since this dog shows no signs of aggression and enjoys the company of complete strangers even walking up to the person to greet them. Like with any breed, if they are not properly socialized and neglected they can either be rather aloof or destructive, but with proper guidance, these personality traits are easy for them to let go. Bullies love to excite their masters and are definitely people pleasing.


They don’t shed as often as most dogs due to their silky and fine short coat. They need to be groomed weakly to keep their fur in check as well as a monthly bath with some gentle shampoo. Bullies are wonderful for pet owners who don’t want to find large amounts of fur all over the house.

Health of The American Bully Dog Breed

With the appropriate amount of exercise, the bully dog can live up to twelve years. They do not have any genetic signs of disorders and will prove to be on a healthy track when they have monthly vet visits.

American bullies can show people that just because a dog has a certain image stuck to it doesn’t mean that its vicious or malicious. Bullies are one of the sweetest dogs around and if they lost the stigma of their image they would indeed be a more popular pet choice.


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