Why Do Dogs Unravel Toilet Paper?

A puppy is adorable. A puppies curiosity at the world is magical to see. The problem is the curiosity eventually takes a mischievous turn. This mischievous revelation is when your new puppy discovers the wonder of toilet paper. So, why do dogs unravel toilet paper?

The Curious Case of Why Do Dogs Unroll Toilet Paper

Why Do Dogs Unravel Toilet Paper

Your dog will always be curious. From puppy to adulthood your dog will always try to discover and explore. Part of this is out of boredom. The problem is everything is a new toy that needs to be played with. Every garbage can must be looked into. Just as every roll of toilet paper must be unraveled.

Why do dogs unravel toilet paper? It starts as a simple curiosity. Curiosity about the roll of toilet paper. This curiosity quickly turns into fun. Toilet paper is magical. It has a unique texture, and is fluffy and light. Toilet paper spools and seems to never end once you start pulling at it.

As much as your dog unravels a mound of paper will form on the ground. This soft paper will flutter and end up on everything. You eventually end up with a playful pile of fun. Some dogs make it so far to taste the paper or roll around in it.

Unraveling Toilet Paper is a New Challenge

The unraveling starts with curiosity. The curiosity turns into fun. The fun continues with challenge. Pulling at the toilet paper a bit will unravel a small portion of the roll. A dog must run around with paper to finish unrolling.Why Do Dogs Unravel Toilet Paper? It is a challenge.

Getting the roll of paper out of the holder is a challenge. It is a pleasant challenge to tackle. A curious dog must think and problem solve to get the roll out of the holder. The challenge quickly ends when the roll is fully pulled apart and shredded, but it is apart of the game.

The Pay Off is The Chase

Dogs have a lot of good reasons to unravel toilet paper. But we are missing the biggest piece of the puzzle. Why do dogs unravel toilet paper? We react to our little pooch. It is the ultimate win – win situation for dogs.

A dog starts to unroll toilet paper. If someone catches the dog, you react in a few reasonable ways. One is a shriek or yell. Which a dog will interpret as a yelp and a rally call to play.

If you try to physically catch your dog, you are beginning a game of chase. Your dog will do what your dog is born to do, run. This game is every dogs favorite game. Chase is the ultimate form of play.

Why Do Dogs Unravel Toilet Paper

Why do dogs unravel toilet paper? It is a super fun game. It is a game of curiosity and challenge. Which, depending on how you react, can turn into a game of chase. Which is your dogs favorite game. The deck is stacked in the chase games favor as if you try to catch your dog or yell, the game begins.

Stopping this game is a challenge. Unless you catch your dog unraveling toilet paper in the act you can’t really discipline. If you chose to punish after the fact your dog does not know what your punishing for. Creativity proves to be the best solution.

You can shut the bathroom door. Or, you can take drastic action. Put the toilet paper roll in reverse. It may be heathenish, but will stop a dog as they simply have nothing to unroll.

Putting your toilet paper vertically is another lofty solution with a different type of toilet paper holder. I prefer creativity. A crude method of creativity is confetti toy which makes sound when the roll is pulled. I knew a dog owner who did this – but I do not recommend it. Fireworks of any kind are dangerous.

I prefer an empty soup can on top of the roll of toilet paper. Specifically, Progresso soup cans as the edges are not as sharp. I put marbles into the can and crimp it closed. Or have my husband squeeze it closed. When a dog starts to unroll the toilet paper, the can will fall and rattle. This is startling.

Maybe this Isn’t Such a Bad Game to Play

The answer to why do dogs unroll toilet paper really doesn’t answer. The solution is all the same. Destroying a roll of toilet paper is not the worst outcome. If you do not react your dog will not play the chase game, and toilet paper is easier to clean up than a destroyed garbage can.