Why Pit Bulls Make Great Dogs

Pit bulls are not just for drug dealers and gangsters, they make excellent family dogs. Despite the stories you may have heard, Pit bulls, make terrific family pets. A pit bull can be a very loving dog given the right owner. Pit’s have a rich history of not only taking care of a family, but helping raise children.

Pit Bulls Make Great Dogs

Pit Bulls

Pit bulls are very loving and social animals. They are very protective over their family. It’s important, as with any dog, that it receives the proper socialization and obedience training. Pit bulls have received their bad name from the people who would raise them to fight, which is something you could raise any animal to do.

Pit bulls don’t want to fight, they want to love and unfortunately you find so many in animal shelters pulled from horrible owners who raised them to fight or because of breed restrictions people may not have them in their condos, apartment or even their home because of insurance reasons. Many insurance companies will not insure you if you own a Pit bull. In my experience I have seen more viciousness from a small dog such as a Chihuahua than a pit bull.

For over 100 years, Pit Bulls were used as an alternative to having a nanny. Known as being great with children and taking care of infants puts the history of Pit Bulls in direct opposition to the common myth of a Pit Bull being an aggressive breed.

The Facts About Pit Bill Aggression

Teston preformed an aggressiveness test on all breeds of dogs of their aggressiveness, the American pit bull received a 86%, where 100% is best. The Beagle received an 80%, the Border Collie received an 81% and Golden Retriever ranked in at 84%. In perspective, Pit Bulls are not inherently more dangerous than any other ‘safe’ dog breeds.

According to Pit bull Lovers website, .0000004% of dog attacks are fatal. There have been 92 fatal attacks since 1965 that resulted from a Pit bull, with 431 total fatal dog attacks. 339 attacks being from other breeds. And these attacks aren’t from dogs that were loved by their owners, treated right, fed properly, or trained correctly.

If you are thinking about getting a Pit bull, seriously consider going to the local animal shelter as there are so many unwanted Pitts out there. Make sure to check with your landlord that you can have a dog. If you own your own home switch to a insurance company without breed restrictions such as State Farm or Liberty Mutual. I highly recommend disobedience training as well as a good amount of socialization as they can become very protective over their home and family. Be prepared to receive dirty looks from narrow minded people who don’t know their facts when you mention you have a Pitt Bull. Sometimes I wonder if these people have ever even seen one before.

Someday I hope to see Pit bulls off the breed restriction lists. Why should they be punished for the bad owners who raised them to fight?