Wintertime and Your Dog

Wintertime in the United States can be filled with many grand opportunities for the young and old alike. This time can bring lots of joy and classic comforts. Whether it’s a family vacation to the ski slopes, or a getaway to a warmer climate, the winter season can be extra enjoyable– for humans, that is.

But what about for the dogs who live with us humans?

Wintertime and Your Dog

For those who live in regions that receive icy winds, cold rain, and snow from Mother Nature, it may be harder to maintain the same lifestyle they normally would have in the other seasons, especially when a dog is involved. Here are some practical tips for keeping your dog cozy and comforted during the wintertime.

Firstly, because of the harsh outdoor temperatures, you most likely will not choose to take your dog for regular walks. To ensure that your special little one still gets exercise, play indoors with him or her. If you have a dog who is often in a hyperactive or playful mood (like my beagle), this should be easy. But if you do decide to continue taking your dog for walks outdoors, you may want to consider dressing him or her in a shirt or sweater designed specifically for dogs. Your nearest pet store should have a variety of dog clothing to choose from, and there are also countless online pet boutiques available.

While home, spend extra quality time with your dog. People need extra attention and care during the colder season, and pets do too. Consider sitting near the fireplace while giving your dog a belly rub (all dogs seem to love that). Surprise him or her with a small treat a couple of times a day.

If you and your family have to leave the house and your dog will be all alone in his or her crate or elsewhere, here are some things you may decide upon to ensure the comfort and security of your pet (especially if he or she has separation anxiety). Play music that you know will calm your dog down. Whether it be classical, smooth jazz, new age, or even lullabies, there is surely something appropriate for the occasion. Make sure there is enough heat circulating through the house, that there are plenty of warm, snuggly blankets available, and that there is water available for your pet.

When temperatures outdoors are not too extreme, your dog can have some fun by playing outside in the snow. It may even brighten your day to see your special one eating snow and trotting along, leaving behind paw prints.

Taking your pet along for rides this season should be well thought out. Because of the icy and snowy roads, car wrecks will be more common. If you do decide to bring your dog along, be sure to dress him or her in a safety harness that is specially made for using with safety belts.

Wintertime and Your Dog

The wintertime can be a perfect opportunity to grow closer to your dog while at the same time it can present itself with a few obstacles. But these obstacles can be overcome with a little extra love and care, and in no time at all the warm season will return and you will have learned something new about your precious little one and yourself. Any season, though, not just the winter, is a great season to bond with your dog and spoil him or her. After all, dog is man’s best friend, right?